Make puerto rico and washington dc states

come 2020 if the dems win the house senate and WH they should make puerto rico and washington dc states.

they can carve out the white house and capital to get around the district clause on the constitution.

that will give the dems 3 more electoral votes plus 4 senators

Puerto Rico has a shot at being a State.

DC… probably never.

DC should NEVER become a state. They are tax recipients…not generators and doncha just love your intent of “to get around the district clause in the Constitution”. This is a totally corrupt suggestion that is intended for no other reason except to swing the honest pendulum…permanently to one direction.

Desperation is setting in. Libs know as long as their penned in there left-wing stronghold/enclave they know they can’t rule over free people of America.

im not the least concerned with swinging the pendulum to the dems…

Next thing you’re going to suggest is that “we the people” should pay for your solar panels? Oh wait…

I believe that Puerto Rico should become a state but not Washington DC.

Absolutely not.

I’ve said this for a few years now, nothing new in what I’m saying.

Puerto Rico should have a binding election. Two options. Puerto Rico becomes a state, or they become their own country.

If it was up for a vote, I’d go with…their own country.



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how is it strange

2 new reliably democratic states is 4 new senators

right now washington dc has 3 electoral votes. Im assuming puerto rico would also have 3 but they may have more i havent calculated how many they would get

This is the strange part.

im not the least concerned with swinging the pendulum to the dems…

He knows the math is against em as long as democrat party continues down their path.

Their leaders have failed their members/supporters…all of em.

It’s just like the race to settle the west during slavery.


I would retrocede the District of Columbia (minus a carved out Capital Service Area) to Maryland as the County of Columbia, Maryland. It would be a consolidated City/County until and unless Maryland decided to reorganize it otherwise. The residents of the district then would be able to vote for Maryland Senators and have their own Congressman.

I would schedule a mandatory plebiscite for Puerto Rico with two and ONLY two choices.



Repugs will never allow a statehood option.

We should consolidate the entire northern plains into one big state of nothingness and give them half of one senator. California should also get 10 Senators at this point.

thats why come 2020 when teh dems take back everything they should just go ahead and make PR a state.
let the GOP cry all they want,thats 2 more democratic senators plus an unknow number of reps.