Make America Mediocre!

As I watch Bernie and Biden campaign for the Democrat nomination, I can’t help wondering what the Democrats are thinking here. These two have got to be the worst candidates ever put forth in Democrat history. Which of these two are inspiring? Which of these two has a vision that will actually make America safe and secure against our enemies, make America a superpower and give us the best economy in the world? Which of these two could stand among our great leaders of the past? I’m particularly concerned about Bernie. Socialism doesn’t allow private ownership of business or property. How would Americans ever prosper under Bernie’s vision? It seems to me neither one of these guys could do anything but bring America down. Trump definitely has flaws, but at least he has an America first agenda, surely even Democrats want America great and not just another mediocre country among the nations of the world…
Don’t they??


No one is advocating the abolition of the private ownership of business.

So there is that.


Say what now?

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It’s funny. A Democrat calls for the US to be more like “socialist” Denmark and republicans are so ill-informed about the world that they think they don’t have private property in Denmark.

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As an Aussie my country has been called a socialist or communist country on this forum because we have things like universal health care. Based on the OP’s definition of socialism I can refute that Australia is a socialist country because for example we have a cattle stationed that is privately owned that is bigger than 7 states of the USA. Therefore, candidates advocating universal health care won’t make the USA a socialist country.

Adopting an isolationist position does not make the USA safer. Slashing foreign aid doesn’t make the USA safer.

Seems like the democrats like taking drastic steps toward socialism.

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Like what?

And you can tell how it has turned out in the socialist hellholes of Scandinavia. :wink:

Sure they are…private health insurance…for starters.


There are issues in EU.

I prefer US issues.


No Dems don’t want America great! Dems don’t care about America’s standing in the world as long as they are in control they would be perfectly happy to rule over a mediocre country, in fact that was the Obama doctrine.

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Trump has trashed the USA’s standing in the world. He has made the USA a laughing stock.

Socialism, as a system, doesn’t allow it.

And Venezuela. Or is that not cool to mention?

No one is proposing that that the US move to a completely Socialist country.

Which countries don’t allow private ownership of businesses?

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We are turning into a mediocre country. Our infrastructure is starting to fail. We are not number one in health care, worker happiness etc. Our cities are not as modern as others around the world.

I help run a local community farmer’s market. My Trump loving farmer friends are right now, today, posting on Facebook begging Trump for more subsidies to save farmers. Socialism is evil! Keep the government outta my medicare!


Who fault is this?

Everyone wants a little bit of Socialism.

The fight is who “deserves” it.