Majority's and Minority's

What is in the majority political wise?
What is in the minority political wise?
To me the Republicans/Conservatives media wise are greatly in the Minority!
There is an old saying, that people tend to become like the people, places, or things that they hang around. So if the Majority of the television, magazines, Hollywood/movies, and Newspapers in America are Liberal Democrats politically, what are most people going to tend to think overtime?

Companies and campaigns spend a lot of money polling the populace to get a feel for political positions. It’s up the reader to determine if they agree with the results or not, however bias their own interpretations may be.

When people had to rely on the three major broadcasting companies for most of their news and most of their “culture” the OP would be more correct than today.
Whereas there is such a thing as “culture wars” the options are more open today, with cable and the internet etc.
The media would have destroyed Trump forty years ago with their 91 percent negative reporting. Today he sort of hangs in there with slightly less than half the county’s support, just as he had after the election. There are other options than watching ate night TV if you don’t like Colbert and SNL

And yet republican/conservatives control the White House, Senate, house. So maybe you are wrong.

Life teaches people… If you let it.

In sports gambling the house take is what? 10% I think.

It’s a game if skill if you are in the top 40% (righter than 60% of the others) you win.

But at the casino you aren’t playing against office mates and secretaries who join the office pool outta peer pressure, so it CAN be harder than that would sound.

Well I’m far from perfect, so yes there is always that possibility of anyone being wrong.
Considering that the liberal media is all for backing liberal Democrat politicians I consider them pretty much the same thing, and even with the house or senate controlled by Republicans overall, The Democrats still have the Majority. So I don’t believe I’m wrong on this no. Perhaps find another subject to try and disprove me on?

Republicans own both but Dems have the majority?

Let me break it down in simpler terms for you.
Liberal Media+ Liberal Democrat Politicians> is greater than, Conservative Media+ Conservative Republican Politicians.
Now does that make any sense, or do I need to draw it in crayon for you?

That’s a weird way to want to break it down

I forgot one. There’s also music. The majority of music is Liberal and negative.
Talks about drugs, or alcohol, or getting dumped, or being depressed, or hate. Rap especially seems enjoy degrading women, just like other Democratic players do.
Even though I don’t believe in God, I do listen to Christian type music, because it’s positive at least. It talks about love, faith, hope, compassion, and other positive upbeat type things.

White males are a minority in this country.

Journalism is a liberal art.

I think I need a diagram.

A lack of success does not negate the attempt.

You probably imagine that because with respect to anything related to politics you will get essentially the same story, with the same bent, written from the same set of talking points whether you watch ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN pretty much all the time.

Of course most people in and out of media today seem to have no grasp at all with respect to the differences between news and opinion.

Straight news without opinion is pretty well dead with most of the outlets available today.

Reporters, Anchors, and Writers are supposed to give us the facts, not their opinions.

Editorializing is supposed to be left to Editors, Columnists and Opinion/Talk show hosts.

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Keep listening and thinking, as long as you do there is hope.

And your point?

If you want to help minorities help white males.

Ah. So just a stupid statement. Got it. Thanks.