Majority support impeachment, think Senate trial was unfair, and don't think Trump was cleared of wrongdoing

If you’re replying to me, it helps if you use the quote so it’s easier to follow.

And do you think they should change the polling sample to reflect the results you expect to see?

I’ll reply however I wish. You don’t have to like it.

I do not follow polls as they can be made to reflect anything the pollsters wish to convey.

also have no desire to change the minds of libs here on the impeachment. It is a lost cause.

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I thought the message from the Senate was that the House didn’t do a good enough job. Time for some subpoenas and court decisions. I think the Dems in the House could get a more complete case to the Senate sometime in October or November.
No reason to close Pnadora’s box now.

Check your first citation there again. 30% + 22% equals 52% who believed his impeachment was unwarranted.

His job approval rating is also now at an all time high.

You folks need to move on and see if you can figure out a way to govern responsibly for the next ten months and maybe at the same time figure out a way to beat him in November.

What charges?

Question 15 could have been answered in the affirmative if one thought the House inquiry was unfair and the case brought to the senate was already flawed.


Thank you for leading off with that. :wink:

Read the whole article, that poll agrees with the other two I posted on this thread.

Overall, Trump’s approval dipped 2 points from the previous December poll to 47 percent, while his disapproval rating ticked up to 53 percent.

The new Hill-HarrisX poll showed that 53 percent of registered voters think that there was compelling evidence for Trump’s impeachment, compared 47 percent who said that the Democratic-led House did not sufficiently make the case.

You have to use the .09 multiplier…

When President Trump wins the election for four more years, Repubics gain control.of the House, and retain their advantage in the Senate, what you gonna say?

The losertarians are going to lose again. And , life is going to go on because the anointed one, Hillary Rotten Clinton did not win in '16. All y’all are soooooooo funny.

That time has long passed. Should have listened to Turley.


Only 35% think the Senate conducted a fair trial, but 49% agree with its decision to acquit? Something is out of joint there.

They are all in. There can be no doubt the GOP belongs to Donald.

A majority thought the House’s decision to impeach was proper. Question 15.

And where in the notion of a Republic is it made that elected representatives just get a pass when they ignore the will of the public?

What you gonna do when President Trump starts his second term? I may have property available at Whistler, BC, if you are interested. :rofl:

It was reported that 38 percent of the voters in 2016 were republicans but 27 percent seems to be a popular number for these skewed polls.

The pollsters are just dishonest and attempting to influence opinion.

Push polls.

Rasmussen tracking is a little better because the gap between gop and dems polled is much smaller.

LA Times tracking poll did a good job in 2016 and showed the election close throughout while many of the other left wing polls showed Hillary far ahead. (They showed it close at the end to try and save their reputations)

ABC had her ahead 50-38 just 12 days before the election which was just insane.

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Trump doesn’t give a crap what those sick Russian collusion Liars have to say, Democrats will do anything to protect their criminal enterprise. Hay Joe where’s the 1.8 billion in Ukraine aide?

:rofl::rofl:these jackass are toast!

If the trial had ended with a conviction we would now be hit with a flood of “you have to respect the results of the system”.
Well, whether they respect the results of the system or not, guess who still gets to nominate judges. And Pelosi can’t even tell the Senate how to handle the confirmations.

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