Majority support impeachment, think Senate trial was unfair, and don't think Trump was cleared of wrongdoing

But they really want it to be…

Trump was not cleared of all wrong doing. That wasnt the purpose of the trial. Trump was, however, acquitted of the impeachment charges.
That’s what really counts.
That doesn’t stop Democrats from having the right to bring up their perception of his wrongdoing and making that a campaign issue for 2020. They most certainly will.
Then it remains up to the voters to decide, much to the regret of Schiff.
We shall see how much of an issue they see it to be in 2020 next to health care, the economy, and immigration laws.

Polls. LOL. The only reliable poll will be in November.

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What is that saying?

If I could wish in one hand… :rofl:

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So the potus and congress aren’t voted on?

The post stands regardless of your attempt at deflection.

What about meow?

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Wrong thread?

Well, that poll is not skewed at all. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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I’m not sure how 52% believing that either Trump did nothing wrong or that it did not rise to the level of impeachment = “Essentially, people believe that impeachment was warranted” anyway. But then I’ve been told Democrats are better at math, so…

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New Math.

Typically polls are like this because there are more dems than cons…

What percentages would have made this poll more accurate in your opinion, @RTchoke?

What trial?

It’s quite obvious having only 27% Republicans surveyed you are going to get the skewed results you did.

Doesn’t matter anyway.

Libs will never change their mind re: the impeachment, and neither will the other side, so arguing anything is a waste of time.

That is based on absolutely nothing other than your feelings. I don’t suppose you’d care to show any data to backup your assertion?

You think any dems/libs are going to cross over and side with the right on this?