Majority support impeachment, think Senate trial was unfair, and don't think Trump was cleared of wrongdoing

We keep hearing about how the impeachment of President Trump was a bust and is going to help him get re-elected. Recent polls contradict that belief. A majority of Americans believe that Trump should have been impeached, that the Senate trial was unfair, and that he was not exonerated of any wrongdoing. The only tiny positive for Trump is that it is 49% to 49% as to whether he should have been removed from office. If I were Trump, I would not take comfort in those numbers.

  • As you may know, the articles of impeachment were based on President Trump’s actions involving Ukraine. Do you think that the Senate voting to acquit President Trump clears him of any wrongdoing in the Ukraine matter, or don’t you think so?

Yes/Clears him 40%
No 55%

  • Regardless of the Senate’s verdict, do you think the charges against President Trump were serious enough for him to be impeached and put on trial, or would you say the charges were not serious enough for him to have been impeached and put on trial?

Serious enough 51%
Not serious enough 46%

  • Do you think that the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump was conducted fairly or unfairly?

Fairly 35%
Unfairly 59%

  • As you may know, the Senate has voted to acquit President Trump of both articles of impeachment, which means he will remain in office. Do you approve or disapprove of the Senate’s decision?

Approve 49%
Disapprove 49%

Time to move on, libs. lol


This may affect votes in November…people tend to not to forget about these things… time and time again you see people wanting things to be fair, even towards the president.
Mitch may have screwed up here.

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Where’s the question asking if the House impeachment process was fair?

But meh.

Libs should just keep hoping.

Bernie will win the day!


Based on what?

How many times do you suppose the lib voters can physically survive having their hopes inflated and popped this often? :thinking:

From the same poll -

Sanders defeats Trump 51 - 43 percent

Thus, you know how worthless the poll is.

But keep wishing and hoping!!

I only care about polls when they treat Trump fairly, try again libs.


Well…run with that and my guess is…if that’s true…this election is a Democrat shoe in. Now…do you wanna bet? :sunglasses:

Probably the same amount of times you guys survive all your investigations and libs getting locked up .

Meh. Good effort, Kev. lol

Most Americans? College educated? Libs?


Nah, pretty sure it was Schiff and Nancy who screwed up.

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Polled a bunch of Bernie bros.

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I havent seen you be right once yet.

So…pay for what you get.

I do pay for what I get. That’s the idea. This tax everyone else to pay for what you get crap has gotta go.


Attica! Attica!

Another poll released today shows similar results. Essentially, people believe that impeachmnet was warranted, Trump did something wrong, and the Senate trial was unfair.

Yup. It certainly is.

The “majority”.

We are not a democracy.

When will that sink in?