Major UK News Organization Makes Baby Trump Blimp Front and Center

Very funny to see that British humor prevails with a news organization affiliated with Fox News using the Trump baby blimp to remind everyone that Trump is in the UK.

I am not sure everyone state side and especially Trump will see the funny side.

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Yes. This is truly hilarious.


Honestly, the video tweet, that is off-limits to link to, is far funnier.

More on the respect front - they are expecting something like a quarter of a million protestors in connection with Trump’s visit. What were the scale of mass protests against which previous adminstrations?

Definitely winning and respecting going on

With 250,000 potential protestors Trump will be feeling NK gave him a warmer welcome.

Though I will be surprised if that many turn out.

Finally - no one will question it when Donald says he had the biggest crowds! :sunglasses:


Hey, hey, hey…let’s get another thread on this exact same thing?

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I’m so confused. I’m probably an idiot, but when you refer to “another thread” are you referring to this thread? You linked to my post in this thread, but I was the second post. The second post in a thread is not “another thread.” I’m so confused. I’m probably an idiot, so could you reiterate what you meant?


It’s the first that came up in the search, using the keyword I used that linked to the thread that was a repeat. It meant nothing more than that regarding you. Sorry.

It’s okay.

Your confusion actually helps illustrate the point I was making in my post. There was another thread earlier in the day on this subject that got deleted for nebulous reasons. Maybe you were thinking of that thread when you linked to my post.

My original thread was deleted by the mods because apparently they thought it was free advertising. So I retooled the thread so the subject could still be discussed.

Aren’t all links to outside websites “free advertising?”

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Thats what I asked the moderators.


Just read the reply from the mods and It was my wording that caused the thread to be deleted not the tweet itself.

Awww, he is adorable!


The British are so mean.

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Look at how @CaughtInTheMiddle writes his OPs. He’s a master at doing it. Let all of the snark and bias come out in the replies. If you want a thread to last it has to seem at least neutral.


Actual footage of trump blimp was unimpressive. I have to be honest.

Don’t spoil my pic!

so its a perfect recreation of the source material

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