Maine used tax money to pay for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff

Oh yeah i know…but we can mock here and not in court

That’s true. I’m sure Manafort would get a good chuckle if he were to ever read this forums. He needs some hope.

He probably asks his lawyers to do stuff that is suggested here only to get…

“Paul. This is serious. That has nothing to do with your case and won’t get past a judge. DO YOU WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IN PRISON???”

He had to stay in the Trump hotel, at inflated costs? There’s no other hotels in the area?

If yiu give a Kenyan a pen and a phone.

It’s conveniently located between the White House and The Capitol.

Maybe he likes the luxury, like michelle.

Maybe he was just trying to increase Trump’s wealth. Does Trump have something on him?

Can’t you just see George Washington saying “behold tommy, i’m going to bringeth gov’rn’rs in and those gents shall stayeth at mine own hotels so i can maketh lots of wage from mine own political influenceth”.

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There are at least 15-20 luxury hotels between the White House and the Capitol.

Most are less expensive than the Trump International.

Yeah but that doesn’t help Trump make bank.

Lol. Can’t see that. I did see how quickly the topic was changed…

Maybe they were booked up. You internet sleuths better get on that, and find out how many rooms were available at a lower rate, but with the same amenities and convenience.

I look forward to reading your report.

This entire Trump era is nothing more than reports about bad stuff Trump does followed by Steven Tyler’s voice screaming “CHANGE THE TOPIC!”

And some here are geniuses at it.

Whats with your fascination with Kenyans?

We talking bout merica here buddy

If there ever was a bait post…you nailed it

Maybe it’s how the Kenyan government had the governors stay at Uhuru Kenyatta’s hotels?

Yep. Less than 13% of the $170,000 was actually spent at the Trump hotel, and yet the headline and the point of the thread is all about Trump.
This is what the media has been doing for over two years now, and why Trump is able to attack their credibility. It isn’t his winning personality or incredibly clever tweets (sarcasm) that allows this to happen. Its the media itself.

I’ll bet the OP didn’t even read that part and believed all $170,000 was spent at the trump hotel when he posted it here.