Maine used tax money to pay for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff

"The spending levels at the Trump hotel were so high that they were flagged by a worker in the state controller’s office, who sought guidance on state regulations for reimbursing such expenditures.

“The reason I am asking is because the Governor and some of his staff are staying in Washington, D.C. pretty frequently at the Trump International Hotel and the room cost is WAY more than the allowed amount,” the worker wrote to Deputy Controller Shirley Browne in June 2017, following a particularly costly month. “He is not attending a conference of any type but is meeting with the President, testifying, meeting with lawmakers and others, etc. so the normal exemptions (to state spending limits) do not apply.”

If you guys can’t see what’s going on I don’t know what to tell you. I guess it’s gonna be up to junior workers to document all the grifting that going on so they can then pass that info on and it’ll be compiled into a database. Attorney Generals will then file suit since our President is doing exactly what our founders didn’t want a President to do.

All this stuff is so blatant that it’s really a slap in the face of Republican voters. Trump and the rest of the grifters are daring his base to cross him. I think they’re too scared to say a word.

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Donald Trump IS the swamp.

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most definitely.

but he can stay in office if he just continues to say the 6 things that Republicans love to hear.

Yeah, that looks bad. Who did that guy think he was, michelle obama??

And the amount spent at the trump hotel was apparently $22,000. But I see you snuck the $170,000 figure into the OP about TRUMP without pointing out the correct amount. Nice try!!

So, unless they actually paid more than the room and services were worth, or unless you can prove he received some kind of kickback, this seems like more phony trump whining.

It mus be ____day.


Is there some communication between the former governor and Trump that if he stays at a Trump facility, everything he asks for will be approved? How does this go against the President…because he stayed at one of his hotels? I personally wouldn’t stay at a Trump hotel because it isn’t worth it to me to cut that kind of a check. I also think it’s disgraceful when a public official is so careless with their taxpayers’ money but I don’t see how this reflects on the President unless…there was some sort of agreement?

The really cool thing is that posts like the above don’t matter to the Attorney Generals as they prepare to file suits. Like dust in a tornado.

Guess we should really blame it all on obama anyway.

If obama didn’t
-usurp Congressional powers to declare Kathadin a National Park, then
-LePage wouldn’t have come to Washington to testify before Congress, so
-he wouldn’t have had to stay in the trump hotel, and
-there wouldn’t be a question about his travel expenses from the new administration

Thanks obama!!

You know all of that land was given to the Federal Government with the express purpose of establishing a national park…right?

I do know that.

You do know that it is a Congressional power to create national parks…right??

And we know how libs hate presidents usurping power from Congress.

Kathadin isn’t a National Park - it’s a National Monument - and the power to create National Monuments was given solely to the President in the Antiquities Act.

But don’t let the facts stand in your way.

It was land given with the purpose of creating a national park but was made into a national monument instead… well within the powers granted to the President.

Even Zinke agreed with it.

Grifters be grifting

So it’s being managed by the National Monuments Service?

Like jezcoe said, it was donated for the purpose of becoming a national park. obama went around congress. He was quite the usurper.

Defending our country from invasion is well within the president’s powers.

Glad we agree.

Totally the same thing! :rofl:

But Obama!

Yeah… you know the fake “national emergency” isn’t going to fly.

And it shouldn’t… no matter who the President is.

54 U.S. Code § 320301 - National monuments

(a)Presidential Declaration.—

The President may, in the President’s discretion, declare by public proclamation historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest that are situated on land owned or controlled by the Federal Government to be national monuments.

Jesus you move those goal posts more than a rams saints game

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Better not give them any ideas, or soon we’ll be hearing about how the wall is a national monument.

Those kinds of arguments don’t stand up in court. Again, it’s like dust in the wind.

I guess it’s fun to talk about that stuff on message boards though.