Maine mayor resigns after his racist text message is leaked

Wow… Im happy the good people of Maine were out raged over this. Sorry sir your joke failed now you are done

Another leftist pretending to be conservative to make republicans look bad. SAD

No he’s totally a Republican.

He pretty much blamed the media for his troubles.

The best part is he claimed the media “doesn’t respect personal space”…while he ran a camapign where he won in part because he leaked opponent emails.

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Karma is a bitch.

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Gimme some credit, JJ.


I grew up in rural Maine about 30 minutes from Lewiston. It’s devolved over the years into the same kind of fringe, right wing cesspool that is far too common all throughout the nation now.

So this is what republicans think is funny? It sounds like he was done in by his old girl friend. Now that’s funny.

This isn’t a political thing, but Jesus, Maine’s second largest city has 36,000 people in it? Sometimes I forget how freaking small population wise some states are.

Never ever piss off your woman when she knows things that can destroy you.

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Oh I know what you were doing…I just needed a good transition to get that bit of the story out there.


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Some Somalis move in and everyone loses their ■■■■

Maine doesn’t have many people in it, and it has an aging population.

I am not going to be helping the situation any… my wife and I are working on having an early retirement in Maine.

But yeah… they have a real population problem because without people… you don’t have an economy.

Cheyenne is Wyoming’s LARGEST city.

It’s population is 63,000.

Maybe this map will help (will also help understand why the GOP needs the electoral college).


Yeah, I would take interacting with the Somali refugees any day of the week over some of the trashy people who lived near me. Fond memories of the one guy who erected a massive confederate flag next to a hand painted sign covered in profanity laced tirade about the local board of selectmen.

Every time I see a Confederate Flag in Maine I think “Heritage not Hate” and have myself a laugh

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As an example… Portland Maine has about 2 million people less in it than the Borough of Brooklyn in NYC. The entire state has a million less people than Brooklyn.

The combined Population of South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming is less than Brooklyn. Not the entire city of New York… just Brooklyn.

So yeah… the GOP has to appeal to a smaller demographic for just as much if not more political power.

Yeah, I was driving through rural Michigan and saw some Confederate Flags flying off of porches. I thought, “We should arrest those people for treason”

But 1st amendment rights…:wink:

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I would repeal the apportionment act of 1929 (increasing the house of representative to 1 member per 30,000 Americans) and eliminate the filibuster in the senate.

Problems are solved.

The house would need an arena to meet. That’s more than 10,000 representatives.

Bleh at least Maine is scenic after 40 years of leftist rulers the left made Detroit look like Grozny after the Chechen war. Sad thing at least they rebuilt their city twice.