Main stream media: Trump won the night

Anyone who watched knows this whether or not they choose to admit it. His case against human trafficking, sex assault and murder was rock solid. Illustrating the inhumanity of open borders. His stats were accurate, supported by DHS. The “fact checkers” are befuddled. Chuck and Nancy looked like they just walked off the set of Betelgeuse. Stiff and robotic. No answers to the reality of the situation. Chuck even accused the President of “mistruths.” As usual he declines to provide any examples. Trump won the night. Bigly.


None of his claims explained the need to steal land from tens of thousands of people to build a massive wall along the southern border. And they certainly didn’t justify harming hundreds of thousands of people by shutting down the government.

Fat donald didn’t win squat.

So a Republican lobbyist and former partner of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone thinks Trump did well.

What a shocker.


Do you know what an opinion piece is?


Uh, Marc Theissen, GOP hack and speechwriter for Bush and Rumsfeld, as well as torture advocate, is not a suitable stand-in for mainstream media. LOL.


Trump is a pathological liar, who lied tot he American people last night. Why do some of his supporters continue to enjoy this?

Marc Thiessen writes an opinion piece and that is suddenly the “Main stream media”?

The OP didn’t intend to be serious.

Are you giving me a test? How cute! :smirk:

You realize this is the opinion piece…by a conservative?

Washington Post publishes that stuff so real Americans can wander by and Nelson Muntz it.

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You should ask the mods to change the thread title to be more reflective of the truth and reality.

I know right. That was from the Onion?

And you should stop giving unsolicited advice. Fair enough?

Leaving out the word “opinion” does put a different spin on it.

No, it’s not fair enough. This is a discussion forum. If you’re going to start a discussion it should be based on the truth and reality. Should it not?

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Seems to me the OP is just trolling. Amirite!

Republicans: Trump Is Totally ■■■■■■■

# Trump Has Defeated Himself

The president, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing.

You are definitely right.