MAGA Teens Making America Great Again!


Neither did Hogg. I don’t put much store in nor do I care about what random people say on Twitter.


The Indian Elder has a previous Hate Hoax event with very similar details.


It’s the year of apologies


Crunch the numbers. Red-hat Mob hardly. Count how many red hats, then count how many without red hats. Show your work.


This lying propaganda cannot continue to be tolerated.

GQ? A joke and never to be trusted again.



Yes I am sure he was on his way to the Lincoln Memorial to play. I have watched all of the different footage that is out there and it doesn’t change my mind about their behavior.

And over on Breitbart I see the pond life that passes as posters are in full on racist bigotry mode.


Or if he is such a devout Catholic as he claims to be, perhaps just turned the other cheek and walked away.


It looks like another MSM lie this time aimed at American youth! The taunting was by the Native Americans who were triggered by the MAGA hats and who were the ones taunting with inappropriate name calling while walking toward the teens and proceeded to bang the drum in the one boys face. The kids asked their chaperone if they could sing their school song in response,

From within the womb, and from cradle to grave there isn’t an American safe from the attacks of the deranged leftist LYING liberal media.

Talk about disgusting!


The Kid remained still. The Kid gets death threats. ‘My parents are receiving death threats’ The kid just stood there, he said nothing to the guy who was accosted by the Indian guy. He just looked at him, did nothing. All he did was smile, didn’t want to get intimated.


Leftist are giving the guy death threats, the guy just stood there, the Indian guy is the guy who came up to him. Black Hebrew racists were saying all you white people need to go back to Europe, and the people child molesters. You worship idols. Ain’t no Hail Mary in the Bible, when it is in Luke 1:28. And the people did just take it on the cheek, even one lady said ‘I love you’ to the ‘black Hebrews’ calling them crackers. But that doesn’t get mentioned by you, why not?


CNN actually did a full breakdown of the newly available video. It looks like everyone acted stupidly


I watched the unedited video. What is interesting is how the group called the “Black Hebrew Israelites” are not being called out on what they were saying. One homophobic, racist quote after the other towards the kids. The only time I heard the kids respond to them was when they were calling the president a homosexual and they started to boo back. At one point after a few more things are said the kids start breaking in a school cheer.

At this time the Native American in question comes up directly to them and starts banging a drum inches from one kids face. (Mind in one interview he said the kids came up to him, nope wrong watch the full video he clearly walks up to them). In the short video you see the kid smiling or smirking, but thats just one portion of it he is obviously confused and doesn’t know what to he does not interact with the man who is pounding a drum in front of his face, the bus comes and the kids leave.

And then the outrage comes, what a bunch of crap.

The media is still running with the boys confronted the Native American and no one is condemning the black Hebrew Israelites who started the whole mess.


What did the kids do?


He was in the middle of a crowd and was approached by the drummer.

The propaganda has been exposed…Again. Give it up.


Imagine a black kid with a Malcolm x hat getting into a white man’s face… This board would go full mentality disabled…


Apparently ‘Black Hebrews’ calling them child molester, idol worshippers, ‘all you people need to go back to Europe’, and the one black student was called by them the n word, but no outrage against these people. The students did not counter any of that stuff, they stayed quiet on that front. At other points they sing the school songs in the midst of their getting ravaged by the black racists.


Excellent point.

This little distraction is not going well for the propagandists. They threw GQ under the bus for sure.



So them being called names justifies the lil smirk he had on his face… Party of responsibilities at its finest


I’m just going to leave this right here.

Lefty hyena trash.


Since when did it become offensive to smile?