MAGA Teens Making America Great Again!


You are correct. Covington Catholic High School has painted them selves into a corner. They have put themselves into a position where they need to either suspend these kids or apologize to them. Which will it be?


I like the way the left can not admit that hate knows no party and happens on both sides of the aisle. I didn’t say that people on the right never make hateful remarks or do hateful stupid things. Wish the left could do the same. It does not make anyone on the left a bad person because someone on the left did something hateful.
I told the story to remind people that children of parents on both sides of the aisle say and do things that their parents would not approve of. Their kids they do stupid things. You seems to not like that people on the left also dostupid things too.
Unlike these kids the college kids that harassed teaparty members were never punished. From what I’ve heard these kids face being expelled from school and I’m sure they are probably being punished at home also.
Unlike many on the left I think there are good and decent people on both sides and most people interact together in daily life with no hate. This well your side is worse than my side is just a bunch of baloney. And this is causing the divide in the US.


Covington Catholic High School did what all the losers of social justice fighters do. When they should double what they should do, they surrender in the far left position. This man should be laughed at for his actions, not because of who he is. Liberals should know that although we are used to defeating them with our fists, we can still hurt their little feelings because they are weak inside. Every day when I provoke a liberal I know, I laugh all day. His wife may leave him because she can see how much her husband was injured.


I think the liberals have pretty much conceded that the rush to judgement based on an edited video has bitten them in the ass. Covington Catholic High school need to do the same and apologize to the kids who they slandered.


Except it’s true.

A full two hour video exists that shows two “black Israelites” were there stirring everyone up.

MAGA Hat Kid at one point actually tried to calm folks down.

Bad story that shows everyone…EVERYONE…has preconceived notions and that if you are seeing video CLIPS, you should remember they’ve likely been CLIPPED for a reason.


Full video…you decide.


Yep. Trying to destroy kids for political reasons is about a s sleazy as it gets. Covington Catholic High School has some explaining to do. Why did they condemn their own students who did nothing wrong?


These kids make me feel bad for being Catholic.


The is called aggressive drumming its a class 3 assault in some countries.


You obviously didn’t watch the long video. He was not approaching the Memorial, he was approaching that group while being egged on by others who were yelling insults at the kids.
It is possible, after watching the small viral clip, to pull back a misconception when the total evidence is in.

No one looked particularly good. However, the media has a theme to follow.


Since you are in a judgmental mood, what exactly did they do that offended you so much?


they are not wearing uniforms.


Are you sure? Doesn’t CovCath underwear count?


Their High School owes them an apology.


:rofl: This is the guy you’re saying was trying to provoke trouble?


No. I’m not saying anything. But he did force himself into the group and get up in the face of a kid who really wanted nothing to do with him. I don’t have to say it. I saw it in the un edited video.


Pretty sure your post said the guy was trying to provoke him dude…

The kids(in general) beef was with the black Israelites or whoever the hell those guys were and the kid could have easily let the elder walk through the group. I don’t think he or any of the kids should be expelled over this though. Suspensions yes, expelled no.


That boy with the smile in the video represents everything leftist hates, he is a straight, white, male, Catholic, pro-life and pro-Trump. They couldn’t resist going after Red Meat. You should see the reactions when this first came out in Twitter they were literally calling for the death of this kid because his grin. It wasn’t long ago people were telling us to lay off David Hogg because he was a kid, this kid didn’t get the same benefit.

The added video shows everything he didn’t do anything wrong, and probably did what he should have to avoid a violent confrontation.


Why do they need to wear uniforms on a field trip? What am I missing.


I had too.