MAGA Teens Making America Great Again!


lol - Not for complete morons that choose to believe the edited ■■■■■■■■ Breitbart gives them.

I’m going to believe this guy. I’m sure you will now die believing this Vietnam vet was the aggressor and those poor kids were his helpless victims.


I love how the conservative republicans are making themselves victims over one elderly Vietnam War vet playing his drum surrounded by all the plucky teenage boys…:rolf:


Conservative republicans can turn themselves into victims over ANYTHING.


Didn’t Breitbart chop up and speed up the Jim Acosta video that so many Trump supporters got all fired up about?


They have a lot of growing up to do and hopefully will look back one day on their actions and be ashamed.


This behavior is not limited to the young redhat squad. They could easily have learned it from watching trump’s rallies.


Applying your lib logic, Antifa learned their violence from you?


And where were their chaperones?


Oh…was Antifa there? Or are you deflecting…again?


He can’t defend the indefensible so he used a random post generator.


Didn’t the full video reveal that the old man approached the teens and not the other way around ?


I think the video showed multiple groups of people acting like idiots.


Trumps rallies were/are filled with talk about the wall and anti-immigrant behavior that those kids could have easily learned from.

In order for your moronic comparison to hold you would have to show where reflechissez has ever held any such public events that Antifa members could have learned from.

Go ahead… I’ll wait.


lol - After the students had been yelling and harassing his group for quite some time he did approach them.

Does this actually make you think he was wrong and the poor kids were the ones being harassed?


Is that true ? The students were shown to have been yelling and harassing the veteran’s group ? If they did, then indeed they are in the wrong.


Define “approached the teens”… IF that means “moving towards the Lincoln Memorial and them blocked his way”…then yes, he “approached the teens”…or rather, the thugs.


Do not trust Breitbart at all. Just watch the video and decide for yourselves. These kids were not instigators. They were minding their own business, singing school songs when they were approached. The Indian drummer is all up in the kid’s grill. But he did not back down. Leftists have now resorted to attacking high school kids. This is a scam. And after seeing the edited video, I fell for it too. I won’t get fooled again.


Don’t worry the mom blamed her son’s behavior on black muslims


What was his behavior? Standing there with a stupid grin on his face as the native American drummer tried to provoke him? Do you have a video that shows something different? Watch the unedited video for the real story.


The “Native American War Veteran” knows what he is doing. Unless you want people to make fun of you, you can’t expect to play a drum in public. He brought this kind of ridicule to himself, and the boy in the red hat did nothing wrong. I hope my children behave like those who oppose this foreigner. No one laughs at Americans who express nationalism. Native Americans must return to their own country.