‘MAGA’ ON THE MENU: Restaurant Owner Apologizes after Declaring Eatery a ‘MAGA’ Free Zone

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/maga-on-the-menu-restaurant-owner-apologizes-after-declaring-eatery-a-maga-free-zone/

The owner of a San Francisco eatery who banned pro-Trump apparel from his restaurant apologized Friday; saying his remarks only served to “amplify the anger” taking place across the country.

Celebrity chef and cookbook author J. Kenji Lopez-Alt posted the apology on social media days after he came under fire for banning the famous ‘MAGA’ hats from his property.

Here’s my statement about the comment I tweeted the other day. https://t.co/A84kK9Pwex

— J. Kenji “Individual Fun” López-Alt (@kenjilopezalt) February 1, 2019

“My message was intended to reject anger, hate and violence, and indicate that these shouldn’t be welcomed in our society and aren’t welcome in our community,” he posted.

“I understand that many interpreted my words in a different context, and construed a message of hate directed at them. This was not my intent in any way, and I am sorry for my recklessness,” he added.