‘MAGA’ ON THE MENU: Restaurant Owner Apologizes after Declaring Eatery a ‘MAGA’ Free Zone | Sean Hannity

The owner of a San Francisco eatery who banned pro-Trump apparel from his restaurant apologized Friday; saying his remarks only served to “amplify the anger” taking place across the country.

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It appears he lost a lot of business, conservatives United.


I still would not eat there. Who knows, what they might do to the food of a person, wearing a MAGA hat?


The LEFT who is rumored to support equality and acceptance of everyone. Just pathetic example of how enlightened they really are. Trump is no more a racist than Martin Luther King was but yet it is considered ok to label people Racist based solely on their politics. I wonder if that includes millions of black and hispanic voters that support Trump. You never hear about them because they are the biggest argument against their claims of hate and malcontent LOL.


You used the right word “Rumored” to describe the dems because it ONLY is a rumor.

“My message was intended to reject anger, hate and violence, and indicate that these shouldn’t be welcomed in our society and aren’t welcome in our community,” he posted."
YET “YOU” PERSONIFY HATE…damn, you people are stupid.


I’m so tired of these “virtue signals”. These people only need to look in the mirror to see who is hating. I agree with Ed T. that he has probably lost a lot of business. If in San Francisco, I would never go to his restaurant after this and will never buy one of his books. It was so unnecessary to say any of that, he just shot himself in the foot. Why do businesses make any statements about politics? They always alienate about half of their potential customers.


Using TODAY’S (left-wing) guidelines if MLK were alive he would be labeled a “coon” and an “Uncle Tom” because of his desire for all races to work and live together. Liberal’s don’t want to end racism. NONE of their “solutions” work unless they have a victim to “rescue”. Only, NO ONE is actually rescued, they are coddled and supported and cuckolded, while being given everything they coveted from the people the liberals labeled “privileged”. Conservativism removes victimization from the equation. Everyone works for what they get, shares what they want, and keeps what they earn. A system that has proven out over the course of history. The only problem, it doesn’t work for bureaucrats, because in this system bureaucrats are unnecessary.

We live in very interesting times. If you don’t agree with those who are trying to destroy our Country, you come under attack by being called names and other actions they take to the point of wanting to destroy us. These people have a debased mind because of their hatred.


Interesting that the party of tolerance and inclusion demands intolerance and exclusion. How did everything get hosed up? Most democrats, outside of their leadership and Soros sponsored “activists”, are just people. Honest committed and just trying to survive, not actual baby killers. Not a talking point that might be debated, but full term babies on the delivery side of life. Justify that! What the matter, the baby parts buyers need more and better parts so eugenics can be more profitable. I thought socialist hated profit! If the media, Chuck and Nancy can sell this in Virginia, it’s over.


I would never trust the food there. What are those lefties up to with my order?

I have yet to see supporters of President Trump approach Democrats and drive them out of restaurants or destroy property and endanger lives in protest, scream vile obscenities at kids, corner them in their homes etc., etc.,


Translation: He got reamed by the owners because half of us Love President Trump , are not racists and enjoy wearing our apparel all which boils down to 50 percent of their business. Or maybe 50% wont buy his cookbooks?

This is a PERFECT example of America’s Social Media… an unchecked, unedited, unscrutinized, unbalanced form of free speech/ junk journalism. Too little…too late. You have planted the seed and watered it beautifully! Just like the brain dead extreme liberal that you are.


I believe that the MSM Fake News is responsible for the opinions Moderate Democrats have. MAGA hat wearing people are portrayed as racist, violent, ignorant troublemakers and the news constantly tells watchers this lie.

What I read, did not seem like an apology! I was more of an excuse, or explanation. I do not accept it. I will for ever boycott that place.

After reading about this and similar incidents, I almost bought a red MAGA hat for myself but as I was scrolling through the listings I saw a Trump 2020 hat and decided to get that instead. I still might get a MAGA hat just to irritate some people but I really like my new 2020 hat. Hopefully, it will give some people indigestion.