MAGA: Negative Wage Growth (July 2018 Edition)

So it’s official, real wage growth over the year has officially gone negative across the entire workforce [1] at -0.2%. Last month, it went negative with production and non-supervisory roles at -0.2%. Now, production and non-supervisory roles have had a wage growth of -0.4% over the year [2]. We’re at full employment, at least half a year with tax cuts in place, and wage growth can’t even keep up with inflation? Where oh where are the supply side fairies?!


Good thing corporations got that big tax cut. Remember how it was going to trickle onto the Forgotten Man?


Supply Siders: Not Yet, Just Wait™


Maybe we just need a few more cuts…


Just wait. Once we hire a few hundred thousand astronauts and all those new steel mills open up you’re going to get bored with winning.

They threw some bread crumbs at the peasants and the gullible peasants scooped them up while grinning from ear to ear.

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Seems like if the economy actually was an issue for trumpers they’d be screaming holy hell about this. weird.

They are in denial.

I see this thread is being avoided like the plague by Trumpsters.

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Just long enough for your average conservative voter to forget slashing taxes on the ultra wealthy/corporations does next to nothing beneficial for them and fall for the next trickle down scam a few years from now.

Just shut up and get five full time jobs like I did you bums. True story

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I wish Republicans would remove this fairy tale that trickle down economics works.

Do they realize that corporations get tax cuts, they keep the profits. The books look prettier, and more people buy stock, which is the goal. The goal isn’t to give cube-dweller Jimmy a bonus and an extra 10% in his paycheck. Its to make profits and dazzle investors.


The growing economy has created new jobs. The stats simply are reflecting the hiring of more entry level people to fill the slots when existing employees move up. The average wage will go down when more entry level jobs are filled. It does not mean anyone took a paycut.

Libs… ugh.


Wait, did you just try and Trumpsplain that now entry level jobs are a good thing - the exact opposite of the argument that all of the jobs added under Obama were just low-wage jobs and proof the economy sucked?

No matter how you try and spin it - at full employment, wages are not increasing at a faster pace than inflation. Real wage growth is negative, despite the arguments that the contrary would happen due to tax cuts. Trickle down!


:rofl: WAIT when Obummer lowered unemployment it didn’t count because it was all just stupid entry level jobs. NOW it’s awesome because it just means more people are being promoted and leaving entry level jobs open?


So corporations creating more low wage jobs. Thanks.

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Trumpslainin doesn’t get much better than that.

The liberal butt hurt is strong in this thread.

These aren’t Obama type jobs.

Yeah, I know, I get frustrated when people suck at math and ignore empirical data. I’m an INTP like that.