MAGA IN MISSISSIPPI: Trump-Backed Candidate WINS BIG in Mississippi Senate Race

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Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith easily held on to her Mississippi Senate seat in Tuesday’s run-off election; defeating Democrat Mike Epsy to become the first woman elected to the Senate from the state.

With 95% of precincts reporting Hyde-Smith leads Epsy by 54.4% to 45.6%.

The Republican victory now gives the GOP a 53-47 lead in the Senate; making it easier to advance federal judges and other legislation through the chamber.

President Trump congratulated the GOP lawmaker on her victory late Tuesday night, saying “Congratulations to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith on your big WIN in the great state of Mississippi. We are all very proud of you!”

“I want everybody to know, no matter who you voted for today, I’m gonna always represent every Mississippian,” Hyde-Smith said at her victory party. “Being on that MAGA-wagon, the Make American Great Again bus, we have bonded, we have persevered, we have gotten through things, we were successful today.”

Racist Cindy-Hyde Smith wins big in ol’Miss historically one of the most racist of the Southern States and she does it with the help of one of the most ignorant presidents America has ever had and very much arguably one of the most racist Presidents we have had since the Civil Rights era and yet people are calling that MAGA :us:.

Sad day for America.

A truly sad day for America.


So MAGA = a racists POTUS who goes down to one of the most racists states in the union, a place historically known for executing the most lynchings than any state in the union, to support a racists candidate who jokes about lynchings. A candidate who went to segregated schools and got a double dip by sending her own kids to segregated schools. Yep…this is MAGA in its purest form.



Haven’t met a MAGAtroid yet, I have conversed with, that didn’t think America was last “great” as far back as pre Civil War or at the very latest before the Civil Rights era.

They always go there. Always!

People like her don’t represent all of the state.

Mississippi has various distinct cultures. And even on racial issues we are making progress at the local level.

Blacks and whites have to get a long here. We have the largest percentage of black Americans out of any state. It would be complete chaos if we didn’t.

There’s still a lot of work to be done here. But I’m proud of the progress that our state has made in some areas. Interracial marriages and relationships are common here today, even though the older generations are still opposed.

There are more black mayors, city councilmen, and sheriffs than at any time since Reconstruction. Hell my own home county, which is 55% white and 45% black, elected a black sheriff two years ago. That’s a big deal considering that the entire county was a Klan strong hold up until the 1970s and my grandfather can remember the lynchings that happened when he was a kid.

Mississippi is a deep red state. Bush43, McCain, Romney, and Trump all won Mississippi by double digits.

Yep, the racists prevail.

I understand all of this. My wife’s family(Quitman, Hazelhurst, Jackson and Meridian) is from Mississippi, her sister when to college(Alcorn) down there, so I’ve been in MS a lot over the years and I get it. However, that is not stopping people like her from coming out of the shadows of hatred and racism, to get elected. Who is she supposed to be representing? The people and this transcends color and party. I doubt she represents ALL the people, just her own demographic with an ® behind their name.