MAGA FREE NYC: Images of 'Trash' Trump Supporters Appear on Manhattan Garbage Cans

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Caricature images of “average Trump supporters” appeared on garbage cans in the Big Apple this week; with the hateful artwork referring to GOP voters as “trash” in the nations’ largest city.

According to Fox News Insider, “Images of Trump supporters and Boston sports fans have turned up on garbage can and train station posters in New York City under the slogan ‘Keep NYC Trash Free.’ The artwork […] began showing up on trash cans where a public service announcement would normally be.”

One hateful image depicts a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat with a Confederate flag tattoo drinking a beverage from Chick-fil-A.


Another image features a woman wearing the President’s signature red cap while holding a ‘Holy Bible.’

The hateful images come just hours before the NYPD removed a second “suspicious package” from CNN’s New York headquarters.

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