MAGA FREE NYC: Images of ‘Trash’ Trump Supporters Appear on Manhattan Garbage Cans | Sean Hannity

Caricature images of “average Trump supporters” appeared on garbage cans in the Big Apple this week; with the hateful artwork referring to GOP voters as “trash” in the nations’ largest city.

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Why doesn’t something like this surprise me? I have had the 'privilege ’ of knowing a number of people from NYC and they usually tie with Californians for believing people in the rest of the country are backwards and ignorant. This is the same city where a judge ruled that Trump supporters were not entitled to 1st Amendment rights and could be denied service in bars and restaurants.

This is just going to be fuel to put more republicans in power. Too bad the democrats aren’t going to realize that till it’s too late. But then again, that’s par for the course. Then they are going to be surprised and go out and scream at the sky, or hide in their “safe rooms” they have built and drink hot cocoa and play with crayons.