Madeleine Albright: Trump official's tweak of Statue of Liberty poem is

I can tell you, I’ve been a refugee twice," Albright said. “Once from the Nazis and we were in England. And then we came to the United States when communists took over in Czechoslovakia. I think that it is one of the most un-American things that I’ve ever heard and I will always remember seeing the Statue of Liberty as we sailed by.”

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Almost like people of her generation and her parent’s generation took that sentiment as seriously as a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ heart attack.


I’m sure Madeleine Albright also embraced the socialist who wrote the poem, in addition to supporting socialism rather than the opportunity for people being free to succeed or fail at their own hand.


The liberty to succeed or fail at one’s own hand is a socialist’s nightmare and not the American Dream


I was told on good authority not to take the statue literally.


What is she complaining about? She’s from Europe.


Europe’s past is just as bad as any area on Earth.

Not all that long ago people were beheaded for reading the Bible, Popes and Cardinals had mistresses, kings and queens had people drawn and quartered, burned, boiled and stole money from peasants and farmers and churches, Germany started two world wars and gave birth to Nazism, the USSR exterminated people. Spain and France did the the same inhuman things to their citizens. Italy and Greece have always had massive organized crime. It goes on forever.

But for some reason that is the preferred area to import citizens from to some Republicans in our country. I’ve never understood that.

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If Madeleine Albright doesn’t like the Trump official’s tweak of Statue of Liberty poem she should go back to where she came from.


The problem is, Albright and her kind want to import the socialist dependence into America which the Soviet Union leadership used to enslave their people. The problem with her love for socialism is, the only ones who benefit under socialism are those who hand out the government cheese, and live large on the people’s dime.


If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent upon the federal government for its subsistence through massive illegal immigration, we can then bribe the invaders for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep the remaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills ____ The Democrat Party Leadership’s Marxist game plan.

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In thirty one years, Europeans killed a hundred million other Europeans. That started just a century ago.

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Address the post not the poster.

Further slights towards each other will be swiftly dealt with.

So she came in from Europe. Just like cucinelli said.

That is good advice. A poem is not policy.

Good point. Her homeland is now free thanks to the sacrifice of many Americans. Nothing’s stopping her from returning.

Fly little bird.

Can you please explain how she can go back to Czechoslovakia?


So maybe Pelosi can start a new committee in Congress to interrogate people who make what Madeleine considers to be Unamerican statements about plaques and stuff.
What would be a good name for that committee?

If Albright doesn"t like it she can go back where she came from.

Yep. Albright is a real “trophy”. :roll_eyes:

McCarthy committee?

Physically impossible isn’t it?

Prague is still there. It’s a real place. You can visit it.

Just ask michael cohen.