Macron's coalition defeated in French parliamentary elections

Classifying elected representatives as “human garbage” will not end well.

In France, the ruling elite treated the peasants like “human garbage” before the revolution. They were replaced by another ruling elite of revolutionaries who treated anyone connected the old regime as “human garbage”.

The guillotine was invented to take care of the excess garbage during the reign of terror. Many of the revolutionaries were soon victims of the reign for terror as well.

Similar things have happened in other countries since then.

Describing is not classifying but fair enough. Is calling them human garbage different from calling others fascists

Yes, people who promote fascist policies are fascists. The western elites are promoting a long list of fascist policies. Here are a few recent examples:

–Socialism combined with crony capitalism
–Censorship of political opponents
–Intimidation and corruption to end an independent judiciary and justice system
–State-supported paramilitaries who use violence to enforce state policies
–Predawn raids against political opponents
–Detention of political prisoners without trial under abusive conditions
–Universal surveillance
–Restrictions on travel and internal passports

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both are derogatory descriptions.


Could it be, the common man has had enough of an elitist government tearing apart the country they knew as children and taking it on what they perceive to be as an immigration collision course with destruction?

Yes, the term “fascist” is too close to the truth. Human garbage is a throw-away insult.

The alliance between wealthy oligarchs and the surveillance state has massively increased the fascist threat since the 1930s.

No there are both insults in this case used for political reasons to denigrate those with whom you or i disagree. You just have to accept it.

Classifying opposition elected officials as “human garbage” is something that fascists would embrace. The implication is that voters are human garbage as well.

You just have to accept it.

facist is a derogatory term for those who oppose trump.

its also a throwaway term also.

is cheney a facist?

a simple yes or no will suffice.


See how leftists think of people who disagree with them as “Garbage”. This is how 100 million died last century! …


These aren’t people who simply disagree with me these people are garbage.

Not everyone falls into that category

I don’t agree with a lot of what the rest of the non macron group thinks too.

Fascist is common derogatory term for those who support Trump. The fine-people hoax continues to be used as part of that smear campaign.

On the other hand, fascist is an accurate term for those who have cynically pushed authoritarian dictatorship and wars-forever in the name of “saving democracy”.

Dick Cheney massively increased the size and scope of the surveillance state. He was a leading figure in the invasion occupation of Iraq bases on false intelligence. His daughter is now support holding political prisoners without trial, and she is part of the rogue group who are attempting to congressional subpoena powers to attack political opponents. They have both been acting like fascists.

Yes, national socialism / fascism and international socialism / communism have killed tens of millions.

Opening trade with China was supposed to move the government towards democracy and rule of law. Instead, China has moved from communism towards fascism.

Western governments are likewise moving towards fascism. They cloak the authoritarian moves as “protecting democracy”, protection from “disinformation” and “hate speech”, “stopping the spread”, etc.

If you doubt that, just look at the fascist response of Canadian government to the trucker protests. They declared emergency powers, seized bank accounts, arrested and attacked peaceful protestors. The response came with the support and encouragement of the Biden Administration and either silence or tacit approval from other NATO allies.

inaccurate term to smear trumps enemies.

we will have to agree to disagree on the subject.


:+1: Agreed it would be nice to see communists get the same disdain as the far right does. If death count is any indication of how bad a party is communism is right up there or past the fascists.

Support for the war is failing across Europe as concerns about the rising cost of living become a greater concern. The defeat of the ruling party in France is likely to be just the beginning of a major change in the governments of Europe.