Lying Libs and the Liars that Lead Them…

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I’m tired of telling you about making every thread about election fraud. Get on topic and stay there.

Mike Lindell’s got evidence that can put 300 million Americans in jail, so there!

And don’t call me Shirley.


It can’t be proven but…it’s hard to imagine 81 million people were that stupid?

You really can’t conceive just how despised Trump is, can you?

When your baseline for morality is based on an ever changing but degenerating public opinion, there’s no possible way for things to improve. It almost doesn’t matter anymore what politicians say, just promise voters free stuff and get lots of votes. If there’s not enough voters in your own country to put you solidly over the line, just import them from other countries. That’s the Democrat playbook…

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Unfit. Incompetent. Corrupt.

Impeached twice, once after he incited an insurrection on our Capitol because he couldn’t tolerate losing the election.

Is under investigation for various potential crimes, may soon be indicted.

What’s not to love?

No…I believe my fellow Americans understand that the POTUS can only do so much. The majority has to come from each of us.

I don’t appreciate the tweets, don’t have a Twitter account and truly despise his comments regarding McCain’s time in Hanio. That said, I despise Brandon even more. Trump is definitely, no question about it, the lessor of the evils.


Well, he excels at lib owning, so there’s that.

How sad that what you said, is true.

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I think it will be proven in the future and sadly the rest of the world will know before Americans do. Our media is so corrupt and nothing but a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party that Democrat voters will be the last to know.

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I hear you. I’ve been saying this for years now.

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And you are of course entitled to your opinion. But you opinion is not proof that there was fraud.

I think I made the point that cheating comes in more than one form.

I ask again: Was Joe lying when he (and a complicit media) slammed Trump for his handling of Covid? The problem you guys have with TJ is that he’s so senile he can’t keep track of all the lies he’s told and ends up confirming on national TV he was lying. You can’t claim Trump mishandled Covid when the moron in chief just admitted that the federal government can’t stop a Virus. So was TJ engaging in baseless slander against Trump to win, or is he admitting he’s more incompetent than Trump at handling the virus despite being handed three supposed vaccines to stop it dead in its tracks as he claimed he would?

Which president regularly conferred with Fox News personalities again? Including during the failed insurrection?


Can you explain ‘TJ’?

That’s a sad Truth brother Smyrna.

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You mean the sheople trough that fed that and the sheople that keep regurgibleating their nonsense? Are you ready? No one brought guns and no one, not one…has been arrested for an insurrection.


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Ok, that’s funny! :grinning:

Ah. Thanks!