Lying Joe does it again

In yet another lame attempt to pander or suck up to African Americans, Joe let lose yet another whopper. Claiming that he was “arrested” in S.A. while trying to visit Mandela. Nobody is better at lying about fake heroics than Joe. The gift that keeps on giving. :yum:

I would hope that deliberately lying like that will take Biden out of the running for any political office.

Not as bad as Warren, but still…

Meh, I’m just gonna blow it off and forget about it. That’s how we do things these days, right? Seriously but not literally!

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I’m not even sure Joe is lying…his mind is no longer there.

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Maybe he was also with Hillary when she was under fire.


For a man who claims to be a racial healer, nobody can Gin up racial tension better than Joe.

Good Lord, remember these Gems?

"They want to put Y’all back in chains."

"Is this the 2020’s or the 1920’s?"

Yes Joe. It’s the 1920’s. Right now we are working on a secret plan to re-segregate baseball. Don’t tell anyone. :crazy_face:

Honesty, so important!


Maybe we can start a Joe Derangement Syndrome thread.

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We had no contact with Russians during the campaign
We had a meeting with Russians but it was about adoptions
The meeting mentioned some other things as well
The meeting was about dirt on Clinton
There were more people present at the meeting than we originally mentioned.
We never talked to Donald Trump about the meeting
Ok, we did talk to Donald Trump about the meeting

My vote will go to the person who’s policy is the most in line with what I value. I’m pretty sure all candidates have and will lie to help their campaigns. Honesty is important. But unfortunately, it’s rare. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize a big ole whopper when we hear it. Right? Well, here’s to Uncle Joe! And you’re welcome! :yum:

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Remind us again how that meeting came to be.

Are you so unconcerned about his lies because you don’t think he’ll get the nomination?

I have to wonder about all these politicians who tell such stupid lies - did he not think, with all the records we have, that he wouldn’t be found out?

Are you trying to say we should ignore Joe’s whoppers? It’s a target rich environment. Why not call out all of the political lies? No matter who they are from. You cool with that?

No. He did not think. Not even for a second. That’s not how Joe rolls.

Yeah! Call it the hair sniffer forum. I like it!

He was confused. He got arrested trying to break up the thousands of Muslims that were cheering in rooftops after 9/11

Gee I’m confused. On one hand we have a guy who uses the term “arrested” for a situation where he was detained and not able to move about on his own free will.
And on the other hand we have a guy who makes a effort to make up things to make himself look better and knowledgeable.
And I am suppose to think that the first guy’s actions are worse then the second?
Not in a second.

Sound more like an exaggeration than a lie to me

As far gone as he obviously is he may very well believe it.

Either you get arrested or you don’t. There is no middle ground.

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