Lying, human nature and personal experience

One of the things that many are saying is that we should believe what woman say regarding sexual assaults. I’m curious, is this based upon any definitive scientific study regarding human nature and the propensity for lying based on various situations? In other words are there scientific studies indicating that the human propensity to lie is less likely with this type of event as compared to others?

Part of my professional career has involved working with High School students. I have found that they will often lie without equivocation or any trepidation. In other words it was not something that was in any way difficult. In other words humans lying is not some uncommon occurance that rarely happens and people don’t usually seem uncomfortable about doing so. It happens a lot with humans, I mean who here hasn’t lied at some point in their life? Which again brings me to the question regarding scientific studies on this particular human behavior.

It depends.

are they a good enough liar to pass a polygraph? (it can be done)

Prolly not.


Right. I havent seen many people flat out say we should believe her. But disclosing sexual assault decades after it happened or long time periods is common.

You can convince yourself of anything if you change the meaning of the words.

Rape. Sexual assault. Assault. Being offensive. Thinking offensive thoughts.

Ms Ford says to herself.
“Since Kavanaugh ended up supporting conservatives, his mind must have had conservative thoughts even as a teenager. He must have thought offensive thoughts. That is offensive to me. It is an assault on my sensibilities. His is a paternalistic outlook that perpetrated the equivalent of a sexual assault… a rape of our minds and souls. Yes… he is a rapist.”

Thus, a TDS victim can convince the self of anything well enough to pass a polygraph.

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Any actor or trained actor can easily pass a polygraph. Furthermore an honest but reserved shy type a person will likely do very poorly on a polygraph test. Polygraphs cannot determine the truth or falsehood in a persons brain. It’s more of a biological test.

My problem with it is how she can’t remember what year it actually took place but knows she was fifteen at the time.


The scientific question is whether or not falsehoods here are less likely than in other situations in which humans are compelled to lie?

Normally, it would be best to investigate something of this nature rather than take one person’s word over another.

That being said, I’m not sure if that is possible this far out. How do you obtain evidence (outside of he said / she said)? That’s going to pose a big problem.

Do people lie more in political situations. Yes.

I was not aware that any actor could pass a polygraph. Rather strong Assumption out of thin air but please dont stop

First of all there are numerous examples of people who have been found guilty through DNA evidence but have passed polygraph tests (watch the ID channel). Second a polygraph test does not test what is the actual knowledge in someones brain, you are aware of that right? Third someone can absolutely “train” themselves to pass a polygraph test. I brought up actors because their job is essentially to lie/pretend to be someone they are not.

Please keep going with these facts

Especially in this highly charged partisan climate. From my understanding she is a registered Democrat, who has contributed to Democrat candidates and causes.

No. Anything else?

Do you know anything about the science of the polygraph test?

You are making ■■■■ up…

Scientifically speaking then the human propensity for lying is no different in this situation than in other situations?

That fits with my experience interviewing people as an auditor. I often hear that you have to see them in person to somehow tell if they are lying. I have had people tell me lies with utterly convincing demeanor. Others, of different personality types, will have every appearance of trying to cover up when they are telling the absolute truth…I think they just feel guilty.

Do you know anything about the science behind the polygraph test?

All I know is that you are making ■■■■ up . That is a fact.