Lying former Secret Service Agent and failed candidate for the Senate and House declares John Brennan a stain on our country


Dan Bongino, seriously…

John the Commie Brennan is a stain on our country.

You have a problem with that?

Trump is a stain on our country.

You have no problem with that.


John Brennan would rip Dan Bongino’s arms off, beat him senseless and then ■■■■ down that failed ■■■■■■■ throat.

Bongino is one of the most useless pieces of ■■■■ in this country.


What has he done to deserve that label? Please be specific.

obama is a stain. I have a problem with him.

trump is a magic eraser.

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Obama was a better president than Manny Machado was a third baseman.

It’s okay for you to be bitter about both.

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Brennan is the one who sent a request for the FBI relating to starting the FBI investigation and then stated before Congress that “I do not do evidence”.
What he does do is hate Trump with all sorts of wild assumptions. While he might have made a good typical liberal poster in this forum, he should never have been in charge of intelligence.


What does the OP specifically consider to be a lie?

So you post a Fox News story that mentions Trump to derangement syndrome and you expect us to take that seriously?

Machado does his work with natural talent. And he was a terrific third baseman. Not so great at shortstop.

obama has a legion of dishonest media peddling his lies and protecting his dumb ass every step of the way and the American people were still ready to get rid of his idiocy when his term expired.

Sorry you don’t understand that. There was an election, and losers lost. True story.

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Get over yourself.

Brennan is the deep state, unhinged, TDS infected poster boy and his commentary regarding Trump being treasonous provided all the proof necessary to remove his security clearance.


Is The Art of the Deal considered the bible of the Cult of 45?

Do you have a large poster of Putin winking at you above your bed?

He’s winking at you, not me.

Best lemon-aide evah!

Here’s a present…Dan’s excited because he now believes Mueller requested and was granted a restrictive order to stop the lawyers of Papadopoulus from filing a discovery motion this Friday to reveal that the person he met with wasn’t a Russian operative but someone who worked for Peter Strozk. If that’s the case, this whole thing was a set up and will be thrown out of court. The good stuff begins at 4:00 minutes.



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You’re welcome.