Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Biden calls a college this student because she asked what happened in Iowa

he’s used this phrase before. evidently it is from a john wayne movie or something

is that presidential?

sure doesnt sound it to me. he’s hard enough to understand as it is. remember now before you link a youtube to trump’s greatest hits, you hate this, but it’s biden.

i’m holding out hope that he’ll be the candidate.

What phrase?

sorry the phrase that is the title

No way! What the ■■■■ does that even mean?

But you are OK with this kind of behavior, so what’s the problem?


Getting out in front of the hypocrisy, I see. Great thinking, mate!


it’s not something that stands well by itself, out of context of whatever movie it’s in. ol dopey joe doesnt get that tho because he thinks he sounds tough.

that’s why it comes off as an insult


what hypocrisy?

what does this have to do with me?

joe biden said it. not me

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Maybe he has pony hair on his legs.

You brought it up.

yes i brought up what biden said. kinda obvious

Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier


haha. only biden knows.

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Sure. Biden’s a clown.

It sounds like something Trump would say.

And you’d be okay with it if Trump said it.

It’s certainly not “presidential” or even adult. Shame on Biden.

Also,apparently “pony soldier” was slang for a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, and in the movie “Pony Soldier” Tyrone Power is called this by a Native American.

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not sure i agree

i think hes more of a desperate jackass for calling a lowly college student that just bec she asked a pointed question


Pony soldiers were Indian killers in the post civil war west.

Seems clownish to me.

thank you

he may be president. poor democrats right?