Lyin' Don the Con has rethought the Putin presser- and he would like you to ignore your own ears



That is a great analogy. You nailed it.

I don’t think there is any question that he began to ad-lib that part. He couldn’t help himself. He is a man who refuses to apologize or concede error in any way whatsoever. Even when forced, he still had to shoot himself in the foot.


I also wondered if he was told to either read the statement or face resignations. He definitely was less than pleased, which is why I compared it to someone in a hostage situation. His body language spoke volumes.

My guess is the statement was written by Kelly. Seems like the most logical person. In any case, he couldn’t just leave it at that, but had to go off script.

You are right that he has no discipline, which is why he is very unfit for office.


I agree, obviously not as bad as Pearl Harbor but I can understand the comparisons some people make.


Yep. :laughing:


He could possibly move on if he would ever assign blame where his intelligence agencies say it belongs.


Can’t upset Putin. Putin will get upset with you.


That’s a fair point. After all, I learned earlier that Putin was right about no WMD’s in Iraq 15 years ago, so therefore he is obviously right now about no Russian meddling. :flushed:


"Yeah, that thing I said? I totally didn’t say it. I said this instead. At least, I meant to say it.

So we’re good now, right? You think I’m tremendous now, right?"

This president is a ■■■■■■■ joke, and so is any defense of him.


Char 10


The real problem in all this is you don’t see how problematic any of Trumps words or actions are.

Not being prepared, making rash, high risk decisions that blow up in your face, not knowing anything. This stuff matters. This is what happens with a “fake it til ya make it” mentality, but for some reason Trump face planting day after day after day and your problem is with “da libz”.


I think that scenario is possible as well. At a minimum, it’s obvious beyond doubt that he is in way over his head. I’ve been extremely cautious using the word “traitor” to describe presidents over the years, but I’m beginning to think the word may be proper in this context. He has given “aid or comfort” to a nation that is at least adversarial, if not an outright enemy.


We won’t like Putin when Putin get angry.


What in the actual world? :flushed:


Brave sir Marco


Creepy, but it makes sense. Of course dictators would be attractive to an egomaniacal narcissist. And that he routinely contradicts himself is just more proof that he’s the embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect.


They’ve given “aid or comfort” to him and his campaign. You have to look out for your friends, no matter who your friends are. Besides, would you really like to make enemies who have the power to wreck our elections?


That was my speculation as well. That someone, or multiple people even, said that he better stand up for the intelligence community and walk this back, or they will walk. But since he just had to add in the contradiction at the end, will it be enough for people to stay in their positions?


This is truly excellent. Now explain to me how you you meant the opposite of what you’ve been saying the last thirty six hours, guys.


You don’t think changing your argument daily isn’t just part of the game? It’s what makes it great.


No, it is nothing at all like Pearl Harbor where 2,403 Americans died and 1,178 were wounded. So I personally do not see the comparison at all my friend.