Lyin' Don the Con has rethought the Putin presser- and he would like you to ignore your own ears


No peeking!


Depends on who sees him last. I’m not that keep on his circle of friends.


And in England, they were actually saying Booo-urns! Booo-urns!


The whole why didn’t the FBI take the server thing is interesting… on one hand the FBI is so corrupt that you can’t take them seriously… on the other hand Trump wants the FBI to examine a server?! Llllllooool



That’s the song i’ve been wanting for the past 24 hours.


Now all he has to do is convey this message to his followers…

***** Darth Donald waves hand *****
Darth Donald: You know I meant to say, “Not”

45 supporter: You meant to say, “Not”

***** Darth Donald waves hand *****
Darth Donald: You will believe me

45 supporter: we do believe you

***** Darth Donald waves hand *****
Darth Donald: you serve your master well and will be rewarded

45 supporter: aaaaaaaghhhhhhhh **** drool hanging from mouth ****


Everyday libs light their hair on fire, then run around screaming about President Trump lying. No matter what he says, they don’t believe him…or at least that’s what they say. It appears the real truth is that libs have to first decide if they like or dislike what Trump is saying. If they like it, he’s a liar and they say they don’t believe him. If they hate what he said, then they believe it to be the truth and hate him all the more. It’s a strange world “we” live in.


Nothing to see here guys. Move on. It’s funny how you keep talking about this.


“Democrats went way to [sic] far with this.” That, of course, is why the fake president is back pedaling as fast as hell.


What about the other times when he denied Russian interference? So are we believe that his “slip up” yesterday was his true belief?


sums down to this… he’s an idiot and should not have been the Republican front runner.


So, in your opinion, is trump telling the truth today that Russia did meddle in our elections?


And if Democrats hadn’t put up such a horrible candidate so many patriotic Americans wouldn’t have had to choose between this and her. Trump was still was the least bad option available. I would rather be a vassal state of Russia than have Hillary Clinton be my President.


It would explain his very active hands at his crowd rallies.


Are you under the mistaken assumption that the only people criticizing trump are “libs.” It’s lazy and false.


I figured this had to exist on the internet.

Ew. My goodness. This is a horrible job. When i used to have the energy to do this I tried to make it look halfway decent.


The greatest come on man moment in history. Lebron!


Jesus Christ. Hillary didn’t make the Republicans nominate Trump for the ticket.


Oh for ■■■■■■ sake! he expects us to buy this?