LURCHING LEFT: Democrats Retake the House, Push Massive Government Programs | Sean Hannity

The Democratic Party officially took control of the House of Representatives Thursday; vowing to push a progressive agenda featuring new government programs including Medicare for All, free college tuition, a ‘Green New Deal’ and more.

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It is time to replace Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Can’t Finish Sentences, - Remember her last statement - She twitches Like A Meth Addict!

Take each proposal and rebut it by pointing out costs, who it affects and why it will not work.
Have no Republican vote for it which will show in one sided objective.
Tell Senate not to bring it to vote same of Harry Reid did to hundreds of Republican bills.
compare to Venezuela or Cuba, show their standard of living compared to ours.
Show costs of illegals coming into our country now about 67,000 per person
Show how these Muslims, illegals are taking over neighborhood and towns, Muslims
have won control by having so many muslims come into a town and have installed
Sharia Law, controlled law enforcement, Child marriages etc

$$$$$! That is what the taxpayers are going to get soaked for in the name of a Socialist Government and Government control of our lives!

Good on them.