LUNAR LUNACY: Cortez Compares Her 2018 Election with the MOON LANDING, ‘Establishing Civil Rights’ | Sean Hannity

Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left Americans scratching their heads this week; directly comparing her 2018 midterm victory to the lunar landing and “establishing civil rights.”

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Does she fly in planes? How gree are planes. She needs to walk.

Cortez is the mayor of dingbatville.

Cortez is most certainly not comparing just her election, but the Blue Wave that took back the House and then some during all the midterm elections. You are over criticizing for a comment about unity. There was no proclamation of being the best. You want an attention hound, just listen to Donald J Trump, because nobody does it better.

Someone needs to keep track of all the idiocies that keep spilling from her mouth. It should make a great series of campaign ads for her opponents.