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Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left millions of Americans scratching their heads this week; boldly claiming that the ‘Democratic Party’ was behind the 1969 lunar landing despite Republican President Richard Nixon occupying the White House at the time.

Cortez was speaking at the Netroots Nation in New Orleans Tuesday when she credited the Democratic Party with the iconic Apollo 11 lunar landing mission; telling the packed crowd that “We are the party of King, of Roosevelt, of the ones who went to the moon!”

The self-described Democratic socialist made national headlines last month; stumbling through a host of issues after she referred to Israeli settlers as “the occupiers of Palestine.”

And to think she is best and brightest that libs have.

Not to mention the state of our educational system.

Wow cons are really scared of this woman

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15,987 voters can’t be wrong.

She’s gonna be extremely unpopular when her Hollywood pals find out she thinks we went to the moon.

While I don’t think of the moon landing as a partisan thing, I guess one could argue that all the years of building toward it under Kennedy and Johnson had more of an impact than Nixon’s six months in office. But I don’t like the claim because its something Trump would say after someone told him something about the moon landing. Like he always does when he learns something new and assumes no one else knew it(even though most educated people do).

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  1. Kennedy set the goal and put us on the path towards the moon.
  2. He was a Democrat.
  3. The Democratic party barely resembles the party from the 60s.
  4. Cortez is not part of the same party that started the moon race.