Luke Perry Dead of Massive Stroke

Admittedly not familiar with any of his work, but I do remember when he was the heart throb of the day from “Beverly Hills 90210”.

Sorry to hear this news. 52 seems young to die from a massive stroke. Anyone familiar with what causes this?

It appears from another source he was surrounded by loved ones at the time of death. Condolences are in order for them as well as his fans.

RIP, Luke.

Maybe an aneurism?

Sounds likely.

I heard that he had a massive stroke. Only 52 years old…you never know.

RIP Luke Perry.

Strokes are commonly thought to be the domain of the elderly, but since having one at 38 I’ve found that they are a lot more common in younger people than you would think. You never know when something like this can hit.

He was in two of the coolest movies in the 90’s. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the awesome The Fifth Element.

8 Seconds was decent too, but come on, it was about bullriding after all.


Looks as if Mr. Perry had the ischemic, or blockage of blood flow, type stroke

Are you fully recovered now?

Yes - went through a lot of rehab, but I’m in good shape now.

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Good to hear!