Lt Col.Vindman fired

Apparently…libs gotten use to republicans kissing them on the ass after getting ■■■■ by em.

Hopefully those days are over.

There needs to be repercussions when you goverment or your position in goverment as a political weapon.

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How did Vindman use his position in government as a political weapon.

But when Trump does it, it’s totally cool.

He was subpoenaed and testified. You just didn’t like what he had to say.

There’s nothing they can’t justify. Look at what they defend daily and then turn around and go “Oh real classy, Democrats! Tearing up a piece of paper!”


If Vindman loved his country he would have gone to jail fro contempt.

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Had his boss lose trust in him.

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again the issue isn’t him being fired.
the issue is people vilifying him like he did something wrong.

he did nothing wrong.

So he was subpoena’d before he talked to the non whistleblower?


By complying to a subpoena? Not much of a boss if you ask me.

He never leaked information, I think you have him confused with someone else.

A good percentage of our troops vote. I wonder how many less votes Trump will get because of this and the other things he has done to the military?

Before that.

He didn’t talk to the non whistle blower?

I’m sure he talked with a lot of people.
He never leaked classified information.

How dare people holding libs accountable.

He shouldn’t have leaked to Eric Ciaramella .

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True. It’s generally not a good idea to piss off a large segment of your base when you’re up for election.

It’s always fascinating how quickly Trump* supporters can turn on ANYONE for crossing dear-leader, even people who dedicated their entire careers to serving our country.

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He didn’t leak anything

The ones that already have an issue