Lt Col.Vindman fired

What did he do wrong?

I have no issue with him being fired,
I have issue with people trashing him like he did something illegal.

He followed the law.

Jumping to false conclusion/accusation.

So you’re saying he lied under oath?

Lets just say he had political agenda.


Right, fired for complying with a subpoena and you’re like, “Corruption of blood too! Great!”

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What was his political agenda he was subpoena to testify and did so.

He spoke ill of the dear leader.

what is the proper channel of command when subpoena to testify.

This is bad optics for Trump. Won’t sit well with a lot of people.

Trump doesn’t care about anyone but his base.
and by reading this thread his base doesn’t even know what Vindman did to begin with.


i hope the NYT doesnt take this badly

Just love how much our President loves the troops.

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Too funny… you’re whining about libs again.

Repercussion for what?

trump is supposed to coddle people in his admin who hate him

it’s all so clear to me now


I have no issue with Trump firing him.
I have issue with people suggesting Vindman did something wrong.

he followed the law he was subpoena to testify.

More left-wingers thinking they shouldn’t have to pay the piper for their political bias.


what political bias.
are you suggesting Vindman should have lied under oath?
or refused a subpoena and gone to jail for contempt.

Vindman hated Trump?

Thought police is cool now?