LOWERING EXPECTATIONS? NBC News Warns ‘You May be Disappointed by the Mueller Report’ | Sean Hannity

NBC News attempted to tamper-down expectations over Robert Mueller’s impending Russian-Collusion report Thursday; warning readers they “may be disappointed” by the special counsel’s findings.

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More fake news by NBC. Why can’t they just let it go. There has been no collusion between Russia and the trump campaign and they continue to lie about it.

“Potentially scandalous behavior that is not a provable crime”. Including statements like that is like the ‘Mean girl’ clique in high school saying ’ she might be a virgin but she hangs out with the boys so she must be up to something’. There is a reason why I almost never watch the alphabet news anymore. As far as scandalous behavior goes, just look at almost anyplace on the list of Presidents.

The Dems(outside and inside DC, including the liberal media) had so hoped, and were pinning their hopes on destroying Donald Trump, despite no evidence of Russian collusion from the beginning- now that Mueller’s sham investigation ,and witch hunt hasn’t produced anything, they are desperately trying to find something, anything to justify their continuous hatred of Trump- they have nothing, and you can rest assured the liberal pinheads over these media networks are trying to either cover themselves, continuing to chase shadows to help the jackasses in Congress/Senate, that will continue to lead down rabbit holes, or planning on how to make the whole thing go away- to say these people are complete jackasses(and you can leave the jack part out if you want), is giving jackasses a bad name

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They have nothing and continue to do their best to try and find something. There are many that need to be investigated and thus far have not. There’s been investigations but investigations that were false. Conclusions drawn before the facts were out. So how can those be considered valid? Violations occurred on many fronts yet the violators were given immunity, or exonerated due to the fix being in by accomplices.