LOWERING EXPECTATIONS? After Months of Campaigning, Biden Team Says Iowa Not a ‘Must-Win’ State

Originally published at: LOWERING EXPECTATIONS? After Months of Campaigning, Biden Team Says Iowa Not a ‘Must-Win’ State | Sean Hannity

The Biden campaign appears to be lowering expectations in Iowa weeks before voters head to the polls; saying the pivotal state is not a “must-win” caucus for the Democratic frontrunner.

“Do I think we have to win Iowa? No,” said a senior advisor to the former Vice President. “We think we’re going to win. We think it’s going to be a dogfight. … But we think there are several candidates in this field, there’s probably three or four, that are going to go awhile.”

“We feel we are going to be in a very dominant spot,” following the first four contests in the primary process, said another insider.

Recent polls show Biden as the dominant frontrunner, with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders trailing in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

A new national poll conducted last month show the Democratic primary quickly becoming a three-way race, with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren within a single point of each other.

“Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Vice President Joe Biden are currently bunched together in the national Democratic presidential preference contest. Movement in the latest Monmouth University Poll – positive for Warren and Sanders, negative for Biden – suggests the 2020 presidential nomination process may be entering a volatile stage. The poll results also suggest that liberal voters are starting to take a closer look at a wider range of candidates, while moderates are focusing on those with the highest name recognition,” writes the survey from Monmouth University.

“The poll finds a virtual three-way tie among Sanders (20%), Warren (20%), and Biden (19%) in the presidential nomination preferences of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters across the country. Compared to Monmouth’s June poll, these results represent an increase in support for both Sanders (up from 14%) and Warren (up from 15%), and a significant drop for Biden (down from 32%),” adds the report.

Biden’s poll numbers have dropped in recent weeks after a series of speaking gaffes on the campaign trail.

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