Loud Mouth Democrat Rep Outright Calling for Harassment

i really need to stop looking at the news

Sorry - the actual “what is going on” news. Not zombie leftist Democrat “news” from, well you know, everyone.

I present the Dishonorable Maxine Waters who is now calling for outright harassment of Trump admin members.

when real violence erupts remember this.

now, start your Trump “hypocrisy” engines with no other way to refute.

start with posting Trump WWE slamming “CNN” and acting hard like this is the same thing


What makes “the American Mirror” a better choice of truthful news?

That woman has an outer self that reflects her inner self perfectly. I’m talking UGLY!!

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Deplorable behavior is deplorable, unless of course it’s all about tellin’ it like it is.

We found Trump’s alter ego!


As Corey says!


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So what’s deplorable? Trying to eat in a restaurant and getting asked to get the ■■■■ out?

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Yes, actually.

Which was entirely my point. Both sides have their deplorables. Both sides revel in theirs while denying that it’s the same ■■■■■■■ behavior.

Seems like the liberals were all supporting the restaurant in the thread about it. This is a change.

they linked the vid. thats all that needs to be seen

“Trump did the same thing” in 3…2…1…

As a member of Congress, she should be censured for advocating of the harassment of anyone, let alone anyone from Trump’s admin.


I didn’t say much about it at all, apart from that a) it’s a crappy move no matter who is doing it, and b) what does anyone expect in the Age of Donald - a return to civilized behavior? When the POTUS behaves like a spoiled, arrogant, clueless ass it tends to encourage the same from others.

(sorry, had to delete and repost - found a word that bypassed the filter)

So the behavior is justifiable and excusable. Got it. But hey, both sides do it!!! Amiright?

You do realize this type of behavior and discourse is par for the course with UGLY Maxine Waters, right?

No, you completely missed it.

You sound like Donald. Go after the woman’s looks - har har, that’s telling that lib thug how it is!

Now where were we? Oh yeah - POOR SARAH

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well i am impressed that your admit to this

although i don’t recall any repub reps calling for such equally outright harassment.

if i were a repub rep ouf on the field i’d think “man, am i safe out here”

I guess I did. Saying Trump’s behavior justifies this behavior… what exactly did I miss?

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