LOSING STEAM? Hillary Says She’s ‘EXHAUSTED’ Resisting Trump | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to be running out of steam in her never-ending quest to derail the Trump administration Saturday, admitting it’s “exhausting” to be part of the resistance against the President.

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I just don’t understand this woman.
She lost twice for some reason.
All the past runners up have even supported the President or just drifted off.Instead she keeps escalating tensions and hurting my country.
Is she in collusion with the deep state to hurt my country

She may have been invaded by the ghost of Alf Landon? Perhaps she will run until she drops dead in her couch cover dress! One can hope!

Hillary has been rode hard and put up wet, no wonder she is exhausted and losing steam.
Maybe she should put in the same effort for all those poor misplaced children coming into our country illegally.