Looks like Trump won't have to "put up" for the time being, as his Pennsylvania election lawsuit has been shut down indefinitely based on the abstention doctrine

United States District Judge Nicholas Ranjan of the Western District of Pennsylvania has indefinitely suspended proceedings in Trump’s case against Pennsylvania vote by mail.

Judge Ranjan invoked the abstention doctrine and will allow several State court lawsuits to proceed to conclusion prior to determining whether to resume this case. In practical terms, that means there will be no Federal Court ruling in this matter prior to the election.

On the bright side, Trump need not be in a hurry to “put up” as I indicated in the previous thread on this case. :smile:


So the people in Pennsylvania will likely get a choice to vote the same way as the President and other high ranking members of the administration.

And the same way I voted for 20 years.

Say it ain’t so.



Looks like.

Guess we can safely put Pennsylvania in the safely stolen category for the dems.

Oh Happy Days, Glory Be! :roll_eyes:

Trump will lose Pennsylvania fair and square.

Pennsylvania +8 for Biden.
Highly unlikely that trump wins, but you never know with this criminal. He might pull some illegal ■■■■ somehow.

The peons getting to vote the same way the President and high ranking administration officials get to vote is now “steeling” the election.


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Hey cheer up buckaroo, now Trump doesn’t have to put up evidence of widespread Pennsylvania voter fraud that I know for a fact doesn’t exist.

Ironically, the biggest problems you get are about in person voting at the precinct level, dudes will tell people in line if they have an open warrant they’ll be arrested if they vote or some poll watcher will challenge the legitimacy of every opposite party vote or robocalls claiming that the election has been moved to Wednesday.

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Amazing isn’t it? If they are voting the same way that Trump is, and they are “steeling” the election, what does that say about our distinguished president?

Either way, this was a win for the American people. Once again, the founding fathers put procedures in place in the Constitution for checks and balances in the government.

Why do you hate our election process?

What gets me is that the Trump campaign Lawyers produced a 524 page document in response to the Judge’s order. Consider that work and the number of hours there are some Lawyers getting rich off of Trump campaign donors.

Too funny!

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Guess it’s all over now.

Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 9 in Pennsylvania

By NICK GASS 07/28/2016 12:29 PM EDT

You sure want to go there?

The trouble with this oft repeated talking point.

2020 is not 2016.

Biden is not Clinton.

And candidate Trump is now President Trump.

One new variable that cannot be ignored, that did not exist during the 2016 candidacy of Trump.

That is the approval/disapproval/net approval rating. Trump has been WAY upside down for a LONG time and is making no progress in changing that. If he doesn’t change it soon, he will lose.

The variables have vastly changed since 2016.

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Trump won three states by less then 1%:
Michigan: +0.23%
Pennsylvania: +0.72%
Wisconsin: +0.77%
And of all of the reasons, the main one was Democrat voters who thought that Clinton would win and didn’t vote.
Safiel posted some really good points about that.
And I will include one more. The DNC has done their homework and are spending the necessary bucks to turn out the Biden vote in those state districts that Clinton should have carried.

All of us should be united in desiring a fair election. There is a way to conduct mail in voting that adheres to that desire and another…that does not. Mail in ballots should be requested by the intended voter.

You need to include a copy of your ID with this form. Check our Voter ID Laws page for a list of acceptable forms of ID

No absentee ballot application may be mailed in the same envelope as another voter’s absentee ballot application.

COVID-19 info

You have no idea how upset people are at Wolf and they will vote Trump to spite him.

That will more than negate the point you made.

Wolf has really messed up PA.

Yep, all tried and true GOP election day tactics. Along with culling voters, of course.