Looks like Trump has his conspiracy theory ready to go for the midterms

Can you please tell me what I “made up”?

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So as you can see from your own link, no immunity for Hillary Clinton.

You know things are bad when even Shep Smith says Trump is full of ■■■■■ And the Blaze reports it.

“President Trump is accusing the special counsel and his team of a whole new set of conspiracy theories,” Smith claimed. “Unfounded, not based in fact or reason, with no evidence to support them.”

“The president says, back up,” Smith continued, “the president says that Robert Mueller and his team are meddling in the midterms. There’s nothing to support that claim, and neither the president nor the White House has offered anything to support that claim. And yet here’s the tweet.”

Until anyone proves it was anything more than just that I will still give it a chuckle.

Hes playing the card that fox news has been playing for ages. Fox doesnt like competition so they paint themselves as the only fair and balanced site so people will discredit anything other than their narrative as liberal bias.



You posted nonsense from younewswire.com and expected me to take it seriously? What other revelations did this article bring, in addition to their inaccurate reporting that it was the HIC that led to Mueller’s decision to remove Strozk from the team? Let’s see…

Twitter user @HousatonicITS has made a series of dynamite posts that tell us far more about Peter Strzok than we ever knew before. Your News Wire is happy to highlight this information to our readers. Here is a breakdown of HousatonicITServices dynamite tweets:

Dynamite tweets from HousatonicITS? No way! Game changing stuff here. :joy:

Not only did Peter Strzok conduct the soft-ball “donuts” interview with Clinton, he was also the last person to ever see the HRC emails from the server back-up. This man, surrounded by a family playing at the level of nuclear weapons and geo-spatial control systems, not only protected Clinton during the FBI interview, but ALSO controlled ALL the evidence of her email crimes!

His whole family is part of a deep state plot, involving nuclear weapons and geo-spation control systems? Get out of here. Someone alert the IAEA and the DOJ stat! :joy:

You have gone full blown conspiracy theorist at this point. And seem frustrated that the rest of us are unwilling to don our own tin foil hats and play along.

YourNewsWire.com - Founded by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway in 2014. It has published fake stories, such as “claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit.”

Yes, it is I who is naive or blatantly obtuse between the two of us. :roll_eyes:

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Whatever credibility you once possessed around here is eroding at lightning speed Smyrna. And all for Donald Trump of all people. That’s sad.

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Not that big of a deal. The GOP Nominated a guy for President in 2016 who was a registered Democrat and who donated a lot of money to Democrats.

he can’t even see what he’s done to his own self.

Nor, I suspect, do the other Trump fans around here. They just bury their head in the sand and yell “fake news” every time reality hits them square in the face.


It really is a shame too. Like I’ve been saying, Trump is a cancer being wrought upon our nation.

True, it was for those around her, including the individual who deleted thousands and thousands of emails that were under a Congressional subpoena. Can you justify that? What valuable information was given in return and who was prosecuted?

Exactly. The real irony here with this particular one is that he even uses a known fake news outlet as a source. I guess once you allow yourself to be conned, then all conning is easier on you.

Where’s the IG report when ya need one?

That’s not what really happened though. The subpoena covered “emails related to the incident in Benghazi”. The 33,000 emails were personal emails that supposed to be deleted in December of 2014 by Platte River Networks. The person you’re referring realized in late March that he hadn’t done so yet.

So yes, Clinton emails were deleted after the date of the subpoena, but they weren’t covered by the subpoena. You can have your conspiracies about it but that’s why nobody was prosecuted.

Without seeing their content, how woud anyone know?

Gee isn’t that convenient?

Who decided they were personal? Hillary and her team? Isn’t there a conflict of interest here?

It’s my understanding that the FBI found 30 emails that had been deleted that were Benghazi related and nobody was prosecuted. It’s also my understanding that many of the emails have been found on other devices and that lawsuits are pending under the FOIA to release them. This whole “matter” has been stonewalled by the DOJ and the FBI. What ever the truth is, I hope it comes out and that everybody is treated fairly and by the same standards of law that apply to all. Thus far, IMO…that hasn’t been the case.

Did some of the more Trump-friendly supporters lose something in the website transition?

Because it’s like we are now getting a weaker version of them. Maybe the brains teleport last.

You don’t understand as much as you think.

They found exactly one Benghazi related email that they didn’t know about. It was an email from an Ambassador applauding her testimony to a Senate panel in 2013.

If you want everyone treated the same, then you have to recognize each person in the government is responsible for determining what is and isn’t government related.

Dantes…you could be right? I’m stating what I suspect but I know very little. The truth has been stonewalled for years and what you and I both get are drip, drip, drips of information that I’m attempting to piece together. I’m not speaking of one “in the know” but as an average American taxpayer who strongly suspects he’s been lied to and I won’t stop pointing out these inconsistencies until I’m satisfied the truth has been revealed to us both.