Looks like Trump has his conspiracy theory ready to go for the midterms

I guess he must be anticipating heavy gains by the democrats in the midterms. He has alleged, months before the midterms, that Mueller’s team is planning to meddle in the midterms. The comments quoted below are from the article:

"President Trump on Tuesday accused, without evidence, investigators working on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe of a partisan plot to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump laid out his latest conspiratorial claim in a series of early-morning tweets that included the false assertion that all 13 members of Mueller’s team are Democrats. Mueller himself is a Republican."

So, I guess now we don’t even have to wait to see the results of an election. We already know there’s going to be some kind of grand conspiracy. I thought the accusation about Mueller’s team being democrats was especially funny.

Here’s a link to the full story:



It’s laughable that he gets away with garbage like this,more disturbing is that people believe it.


Through public records, we were able to independently confirm that at least 12 people on Mueller’s staff are registered Democrats

They ones we confirmed are Greg Andres, Rush Atkinson, Ryan Dickey, Michael Dreeben, Kyle Freeny, Andrew Goldstein, Adam Jed, Elizabeth Prelogar, James Quarles, Jeannie Rhee, Brandon Van Grack, and Andrew Weissmann.

Another member of Mueller’s team – Aaron Zelinsky – has been reported to be a registered Democrat by both the Washington Post and the Daily Caller. The Daily Caller also reported that Zelinsky wrote, “I’m a Democrat,” in a Huffington Post column supporting same-sex marriage in November 2012.

There is NO QUESTION that Mueller’s team is overwhelmingly Democrat.

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Which means nothing.

Not true…it just doesn’t necessarily mean something. The probability is it’d be 50/50. When the percentages are skewed as much as this one is, the possibility is worth examining.

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Worth examining? The head of the probe is a Republican. Is that worth examining?

Exactly what do you propose to examine?

If there was any evidence these people had acted only for Democratic ends in their careers that is something that would have already been known.

Look how quick Mueller dumped members of his team at the mere whisper of politically charged chit chat.

If you are saying they can’t be trusted because of their private partisan leanings then I guess that means we can’t trust Robert Mueller the Republican.

The House Intelligence Investigation exposed Strzok, not Mueller. Evidently…he was unaware. How much more is he unaware of? That’s what would be worth examining. I can wait for the IG report though. He’s examining things at this time.

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My thing is this - IF (and I am speaking purely theoretically here) Trump has evidence that Mueller’s team is meddling in the midterms, then why is he tweeting about it rather than hand his evidence over to the appropriate authorities? They would have the power to investigate. The vast majority of people who read his tweets have no power or standing to investigate.

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This is completely false. Horowitz made Mueller aware of the text message exchanges between Strzok and Page in June. And he immediately acted upon the information. Well before the HIC was provided copies of their messages. Stop spreading misinformation please.

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Husband of Kellyanne Conway tweeted

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It’s a great question. As President, I’d have thought he has the authority over many things that he tweets about, instead of addressing them using the authority of his office. One possibility is that there’s nothing to it? Another is that what Trump is battling, is so ingrained right now, so deeply inbedded in our current DC political establishment that without “we the people” having his back, he’d be run out of town? I sure wish the IG would release his entire report and clear up the many questions surrounding this and the prior administrations. Is there substance to these allegations or not?

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this is funny


Who…other than Mueller exposing it himself was the point. He was unaware of the political dishonesty among his team members. As far as misinformation, the source I rereported is what I’d read. If it’s incorrect, I didn’t consider it important. What I did consider important was that it wasn’t Mueller and it appears we all agree on that.

One man is at the centre of this scandal storm – FBI Agent Peter Strzok. He had to be fired from the Mueller investigation when his texts to his girlfriend, DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, were exposed during the House Intelligence investigation.

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He doesn’t know how to be president, he only knows how to be a Twitter troll. Sad.

I think he’s gonna win again. Your thoughts?

Political dishonesty? Huh? What does that mean? Are you suggesting that his personal communications with Page equates to him performing the duties of his job in a biased fashion? If so, show your work and give us the proof.

Mueller terminated him to avoid even the appearance of impropriety or bias. He wanted to avoid giving the Trump cult ammunition to discredit the investigation. Little did he know that the cult wouldn’t care about being rational or logical. And that they would be all in on bashing American Law Enforcement and it’s institutions without evidence to support their claims. Who could have imagined such a large number of Americans would gleefully try to engage in long-term damaging attacks on LEO’s in the name of Donald Trump, of all people.


OMG…that post is so naïve, isn’t worth my time to respond to.

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As long as he says that one thing that he says he’s golden. Family values republicans won’t trash him. Evangelicals won’t trash him.

So your cop-out for not having evidence to support your attacks on our nation’s LEO’s is to accuse me of being naive. Sorry that I’m not willing to buy into your tinfoil hat conspiracy theory without evidence.


Haha, that’s ■■■■■■■■. Nothing “naive” about NF’s post at all. Seems you simly have nothing sensible to say about it, so you cop-out.