Looks Like RBG May Stick Around . .

Not just yet!

Sorry, ghouls, but let’s all come together and be happy that RBG is currently cancer-free, and wish her a long life on the Court. :slight_smile:


Good to hear! Cancer sucks!


Good for her…Seems like a nice lady.

surviving cancer only to have a “dastardly republican” push her off a cliff in a wheel chair…


I can hear the collective silent cry of millions of conservatives…

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85 year olds don’t readily recover from extensive lung surgery. No detailed pathology report will ever be released. No further treatment needed is not always a positive statement.
Antifa and the alt left crowd will soon need to decide where to concentrate their hate and rage, The Wall or the new SCOTUS pick.
There may be one saving grace, the democrats are poised to introduce a new bill “The Non Living Persons Act”, guarenteing the right of deceased individuals to sit on the Supreme Court. Good luck.

that woman is so hard headed that she probably won’t resign until Malia Obama is president.

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I wager before Ivanka

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I’d support that bill.
We already have a brain-dead President.

Great, it will make it easier to ride out the next 6 years.

There’s always got to be one.

you know, once the State Attorney Generals file tax evasion charges against Trump’s kids i wonder how much interest he’ll have in continuing to be president. it’s not like he can pardon them. he’d probably quite/give up. then Pence would have to run and hope he can win to nominate the next justice.

lol, you got the best

“You Know”
“It’s not like”


I heard on FOX that AOC might run in 2020.
Maybe she could beat him.

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You shouldn’t watch fox


She won’t be eligible (will only be 32)

Obama set the precedent!

Yup, Obama and his schemes via executive power under his own presidential powers, carrying with them the seeds of their own destruction. Democrats cheered at the idea of their own circumvention when Obama ordered agencies to stop enforcing federal laws. Congress was a fleeting notion when it came to his immigration reforms.


Well best wishes for her health, no ill will toward her.

But lets remember she only has to make it 1-year. After that the McConnell rule kicks in and the Senate will not take up a Justice (especially since the current President already appointed 2) during an election year so that the people can speak with the power of their vote on which President gets to have a nomination confirmed - al la the Garland situation.