Looks like Harris and Biden Switched roles without telling anyone

Looks like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden switched roles without telling anyone.

Kamala refers to a “Harris Administration with Joe Biden”.

Today, Biden says the same thing!

So…Who is at the top of the ticket and who is really running things?

Two separate questions.

Harris is at the top of the ticket.

The Woke are running things.


You got 'em!!!


Oh no I dont. You guys got him! Good Luck.

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this a nice gaffe too, on biden’s part, while lecturing trump about foreign policy, of which biden has absolutely 0 lasting accomplishments. he confuses iran and iraq lol

poor poor man.

wait till presidential candidate Harris hears about this

Thanks. I’ll feel pretty good about my vote this fall.

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Biden is along for the ride.

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We all know that joe will read anything on the teleprompter.

camela on the other hand…gave herself a promotion. It’s the only way people will start talking about her. She’s such a phony nothing.

you saw this coming…


Next someone will post a link to the onion to prove their point.


If elected the only reason Clueless Joe would last more than half his first term, if i remember my civics right…is so Harris would only be president officially for the last two years of this term and then could run 2 more times.

I just don’t get how this woman who was the first to drop out in the primary’s is now in line to be the 47th president of the United States

awe isnt it annoying when a popular satire site sees the obvious ■■■■■■■■ democrats are up to?

makes you kind of embarrassed about pretending not to see it huh?

after referring to her running mate as a racist…

i wonder how many mail in ballots with “harris” selected as president will be used to push PA blue 2 weeks after the election

Babylon Bee is funny as hell. Great parody.

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it totally is!

notice how bad the crying lefties hate hate hate it

That’s the sick part of kamala Harris.

She flat out called Biden a racist…now she’s running with him.

She’s the woman who led the lying smear against Kavanaugh jumping onto the “All Women Must Be Believed” train…this is from a New York Post piece…”

“Harris beefed up her #MeToo credentials later, making it clear she doesn’t just believe women accusing Republicans of sexual assault. All women had to be believed, including those who accused prominent Democrats. At a campaign event in Nevada in April 2019, Harris discussed the allegationsagainst Biden, declaring of the accusers: “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”…So Biden is an abuser — because women have accused him, and all women should be believed. Right?“

Now she’s running with him!


That’s because they lack the imagination…look no farther then picture/meme thread. :wink:

They lost their sense of humor years ago.


yep! her angry indignant arrogant attitude in her tripping rush to destroy kav and family was abominable. shes truly sickening

then biden picks her lol. the least popular (due to unlikeability) because shes a “black” woman

lol these people need to be beaten. bad

oh i know! horrible memers. haha.

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