Looks Like Even Twitter Posters Are Sick of Susan

Sarandon, that is:

Don’t many Twitter posters lean a bit to the left as a rule? Regardless of their political affiliations, several posters called her out on her crass ideologie.

Bravo Twitter users! Comparing police officers mourning the loss of a 22 year old officer helping a battered woman is beyond the pale. He leaves behind a bereaved wife and mother.

Has she no empathy for them? There’s nothing wrong with police attending a funeral for an officer who died on duty.

If she wants real nonsense to tweet she needs to try doing a hazardous job during staffing shortage and equipment malfunctions to be pulled from the floor yet again for more sensitivity training.

Many conservatives are looking back fondly on Bill Clinton and even Bill Maher & Sean Penn (fussing about feminized men) appear fed up. Might conservatism or libertarianism stand a chance in the next election?

is she still alive?


Maybe woke crowd will push for banning her movies…and erase her from Hollyweird.