Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


warren is using her white privelege to stay in office.


Having some Indian blood no more makes her an Indian than having Neanderthal blood (which statistically, she almost certainly has at least twice as much of as she has Indian blood) makes her a Neanderthal. Well, unless you subscribe to the “one drop rule” that is. But that would be racist.


I was speaking to lulubee’s logic. She said she would not care about Democrat lies until Trump Republicans care about his lies. My point is that the Democrats were lying before Trump ever came on scene. If anyone needs to acknowledge the lies of their people first, it is Democrats.


He wasn’t. He did not steal anything.


Because she is your gal.


So, you chose a pathological liar over a stupid liar. Congratulations.


I specifically asked you not to twist this into me supporting her claim of being an “Indian”.

So you fail with the racist card.


I twisted nothing. Everything I posted there was accurate.


Its called rationalization Bill. They want so badly to excuse her deception that they will make up any explanation.


Twist crook to thief. Check

Except crooks are criminals. Again, nice try.


When she claimed to be an Indian regardless of the minute amount of Indian DNA she has.

Even the racist “one drop rule,” stopped at 1/32th.


See, that’s where we differ. Both Hillary and Trump were unacceptable candidates to me, so I voted for Johnson, even though I think he is a crackpot, simply because I believe he is relatively honest. I once even voted for a Green candidate for Governor, because he was the only candidate who was telling the truth during the campaign … well that and because his Lt. Gov running mate used to buy beer for me when I was underage. :wink:


The key word was crook, not criminal.


I agreed with you. Her logic was faulty.
I only pointed out her conclusion wasn’t.


You don’t have to steal something to be a crook.

Crooks are criminals. Any criminal.


I’m not talking about any rule. I’m talking about passing down family history.


First of all, I don’t know if Johnson is that honest. I can’t find a source to confirm it, but isn’t it true that he used to claim that he’d never touched pot before saying that he did use it and stopped when he started running for president ?

Second - would you vote for a crazy person who you disagree with on all issues that has a chance of winning as long as there is no record of them telling falsehoods ? F.e. imagine that on the ballot is a far-left communist who thinks that everyone who makes under $70,000 should get a free pony and everyone who makes over $100,000 should be taxed to the tune of 90% of income ? And caucasians should be stripped of the right to bear firearms, because of white privilege or something equally dumb. But - they always tell the truth, and they have a real chance of winning where your vote could make a difference in your state. Still vote for them or nah ?


She is chasing her tail. Her conclusion is where she started … that is, not caring that the Democrats that she supports lie.


Nope. Many crimes do not involve crookery. For example, it is a crime to be drunk and disorderly in public or to speed in your car. Neither makes you a crook.


That may be, but we are not talking about family history, we are taking about racial/cultural identification. The “one drop rule” or the 1/32 rule we’re once law. Warren did not stop with “I have Indian blood in my family lineage,” she claimed to be Indian on applications. She effectively adopted the one drop rule to make that claim.