Looks like Elizabeth Warren is Native American


It was either that or not vote at all. For me, very clearly, neither Trump nor Clinton were worthy of my vote.


I think Warren simply lied about it. She’s from Oklahoma and being part Indian is a frequent lie in that part of the country. I’m about 100 miles from Oklahoma and I’ve heard dozens of people make that claim. I strongly suspect most of them were lying. The singer, Johnny Cash built part of his later career claiming to be part Indian. He knew he wasn’t. He didn’t have a drop of Indian blood.
Some paper interviewed Warren’s family about the “family story”. Her brothers and one cousin said they had heard it - naturally. I’m sure it wasn’t hard for her to get to them to back her up. The rest of her family had never heard of it.
I’m sure she lied from the beginning.
She should have admitted it when it first became an issue in 2012. She’s let it grow to the extent, she can’t back out of it. That frequently happens to lies left unchecked.


Back in the late ‘60s early ‘70s, it was hip to be part Indian. But more recently Political Correctness has caught up with such people and now it is considered Cultural Appropriation to call yourself Indian when you really aren’t. Poor Lizzy. Foisted on her own petard. :wink:


You’re exactly right. It’ll be interesting to see if she even announces. She was supposed to this Saturday. I could tell by her press interview answers yesterday, she knows there is another “Indian” shoe ready to drop. I’ll bet she doesn’t run. We’ll see.


Sure. But narrowing from 20 down to 10 still leaves plenty of options, wouldn’t you agree?


Oh yeah. Nothing wrong with that


I can’t agree more with you though, what they did in 16 was just stupid. Having three options, one of which everyone knew was a throw-away option in O’Malley, was just dumb on their part. Choice is good.


I’m not from Massachusetts.

Also, I have no idea who I’m goimg to vote for in the Democratic primary which is a over a year away.


Wait you dont beileve her but you take trumps word as gospel…lol good day sir


You’re unable to concentrate and focus on what you’re doing.
This thread is about Warren.


That’s true too.

Hardly a good defense for doing the same.


That’s a good point. I probably wouldn’t have called them crooks either… but…

According to the Cambridge dictionary: crook: a person who is dishonest esp. someone who cheats or steals

Nixon fits.


You’re right. She shouldn’t claim a status that was unconfirmed. Good. Is that out of the way now.

Does your ‘one-drop rule’ apply to oral family histories? (Try not to deflect to Warren, this question would apply to anyone).


Having Native American blood does not make one an American Indian.
If there is not appearance of the features that would make it believable that you are an American Indian and you are not a member of a tribe, if you put down that you are an American Indian on work related forms, you are lying.


No argument here. Except for the “appearance” part.

‘Looking believable’ cannot be part of the equation.


There is no correlation between those two things. We are talking about believing Warren. The alleged lies of anyone else has zero bearing on that.


Where did Warren lie again?


Where she wrote the words “American Indian” on the line for race on the Texas Bar Association application.

But you already knew that, didn’t you.

Besides, the post you quoted was about Clinton, not Warren. (But you probably knew that too.)


She has actually had some ideas that weren’t so unreasonable, like making it possible to purchase hearing aids available over the counter for those unable to afford them, and reducing the number of clearances (credit in particular) for some Federal jobs.

I don’t know that I’d select her to represent me, though.


It doesn’t?

Most individuals known as Native Anericans in the U S are of mixed heritage.