Looks Like al franken's Time in the Barrel Is Not Quite Over

It appears that a new claim, from a 9th woman, is now being made about notfunnyman al franken.

And this comes soon after franken was out trying to rehabilitate his image, and talking about how sorry some of his female colleagues were for showing him the door.

Arrest for treason?

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I’ll say that as a longtime (25 years) watcher of snl, I never really cared for franken’s “humor”. I cared even less for him as a politician, but many here might remember that I thought al franken got a bum wrap. I think he should have been willing to answer some tough questions, but he was unwilling to do that.

The #metoo movement, while not without some merit, has been used in a destructive way in many cases.

Innocent until proven guilty should always be the standard.

Butttttttttttttt still arrest for treason, right? We can figure out the guilt later.

Is treason no longer a thing??

A thing? It’s the thing right meow.


It’s the ONLY thing

Yet in another thread you are accusing the whistleblower of being guilty of treason.