Looking desperate and weak

take away from Tweet. It certainly is pathetic as Cohen begins to sing and Manafort goes on trial that the president attack sessions and Mueller. IT may indeed be a witch hunt, but if you have cast no spells who cares. Calling for the investigation to be stopped makes the president look like he is hiding something.

I wonder why he just does not declassify all the records, Nothing to hide he says. Then stop hiding and be transparent.

There have been crimes committed, there is no doubt. We deserve to find out who committed them and what they were.

Let the political chips fall where they may but voters, even liberals, deserve to know the truth of how are political system operates. The good the bad and the ugly, expose it all.

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Even liberals.

Ya we should like have somebody investigate it all, maybe a special counsel

PR now is about admitting to indiscretions to get ahead of the narrative and control it. This is a fairly recent phenomenon though. Trump comes from the time of paying people off and deny, deny, deny. He’s not coming clean on his own.

you may have heard there is a special counsel and you may have heard Trump wanted him fired. if not, now you have

What records are you referring to?

That’s a brilliant idea.

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Trump has been attaking Mueller since the beginning.

He was being sarcastic…

The fact that Trump is yelling so loud for the investigation to end certainly increases my suspicion that there is something there. If he was perfectly clean, he should welcome the opportunity to clear himself via this investigation. He may indeed be innocent of any wrongdoing - but he certainly isn’t giving that perception from his behavior.

But Trump’s just messin’ with the MSM, as one poster will say.

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exactly my point

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anything involving the investigation that DOJ refuses to give to congress.

So this was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to run interference. Shocker. :roll_eyes:

There is an active investigation and there is no reason whatsoever for all of the details of said investigation to be revealed while it is still ongoing. Other than, of course, to run a defense for Trump.

What a sad joke some folks have become because of Donald Trump of all people.

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Yup. Methinks he probably isn’t guilty, but he sure is acting like it. You’d think he’d be shouting that he welcomes Mueller doing a thorough investigation to clear his name once and for all.

I’ve thought for a while that what’ll get Trump busted will be like what got Clinton busted, some minor ancillary “crime” that had nothing to do with the investigation. Like perjury or obstruction but not necessarily committed a crime before the investigation.

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I think trump is more concerned about investigations into his business dealings with Russians.


you completely misunderstand, completely

why do you think that, which business dealings?

Which is why the Carter Page FISA app should be completely redacted. Let the chips fall were they may.

Trump can declassify the FISA app anytime he wants. Why hasn’t he?