Looking back on the Kennedy-Nixon debates

The Kennedy-Nixon debates was a landmark in television history and the country’s history. For those who haven’t seen it, I thought I’d put it up here. Nixon was clearly beaten by Kennedy for several reasons. One was he was stiff as a board. But Kennedy also spoke more eloquently.

Anyway, have a look.

One problem that Nixon had is that he sweat a lot. And under the hot TV lights it was pretty noticeable.

True. And that apparently put a lot of people off.

I read once that people who heard it on the radio thought Nixon won, and those who watched it on TV thought Kennedy the supply side tax cutter won. Not sure it that’s true, just like LBJ having buddies in the secret service who may have been lax on purpose. But interesting…

I suppose you could test that theory here by just listening to the audio But to me, Nixon still comes off stiff and nervous. Kennedy, while still sounding formal, sounds a bit more relaxed.